Catch That Story…part five

Catch that Story Part 5

For most of this period, they were far from each other. I can only guess that they wrote to each other, and they got engaged through letters, covering the period from the latter part of December 1930 until March 1931. That’s about four months only, via long-distance love.

Soon, after this period, they saw each other in Daet. He already finished college, while she finished high school. They then got married, but it’s anywhere during the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year 1931. I have no idea just exactly when. Maybe, even early part of 1932. Those who knew are all dead now, and I failed to ask them. That was my mistake. They have no pictures of their wedding. They just had a civil wedding administered by a judge or official in Daet. This is confirmed by my aunt, who was 9 at that time and her constant companion and confidant.

My said aunt recalls that the love birds were so madly in love that she witnessed them swimming together in one outing at Tulay na Lupa River in Labo and were always together flirting with each other, to such a point that she shouted at them to stop their childish behaviors, as she was the chaperon. She recalls how happy they were in that one instant. She also recalls having been the messenger and carrier of love letters between the two of them.


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