Catch That Story…part six

Catch that Story Part 6:

The parents of the young man must have been furious when these 2 lovebirds got married without their consent. In fact, his father was very angry, so the story goes, that he was disowned by his family. The girl’s father, who was a Protestant minister, was disappointed but not as mad. I guess parents are usually at a loss and cannot do anything to stop their children’s decision to marry. At that time, there was hidden resentment between Catholics and Protestants.

It’s very important to know the initial stages of their courtship. I have no idea how they met initially. They were from the same province of Camarines Norte, he from Daet, and she from Talisay. They went to the same provincial high school, but they were not classmates. He finished High School in 1927, the same year she finished Elementary, so they were not on the same high school campus time of 4 years.

I heard one story that his younger brother, was a classmate of the girl, if not, maybe was in the same campus years. Normally, boy-girl relationships were between classmates or within the same campus years. It’s quite possible the younger brother could have courted her. It’s also quite possible he introduced his older brother to his girl-classmate, how and when, is purely speculative.

I can only deduce that it happened one summer or Christmas vacation. Why the younger brother tried to match his older brother to his classmate was probably due to the fact that the girl was a popular girl in high school, having joined beauty contests, and won some, and probably, more suited to an older boy.


–to be continued…


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