Catch That Story…part three

Catch That Story Part 3:

This decision to marry happened quickly. I don’t think they have ever dated, using the modern version of the word “dating”. Nor have they ever been near each other. There just wasn’t the chance and the time to meet or even chat. He was in Manila as a full-time college student most of the time. Equally, she was in high school in Daet. That’s 350 km distance (ab. 250 miles). The time of their courtship was too short and the engagement barely a few months, from my own calculations.

I have one picture of the girl addressed at the back in a very formal way, saying, “Dear friend, this is during my 15th anniversary, from your friend, Eternal”. She was turning 15 in 1930. At 15, she has not committed to a relationship yet because of the words “your friend”. Her birthday was March 7th when classes were ending. She just finished 3rd year high school. While he, at that precise time, was 19 and just completed 3rd year engineering at UP in Manila.

Customarily, during summer vacations, all children go home to their individual provinces and towns. The young man vacationed in Daet and it was most likely that his courtship started here in order to win Ester. This was year 1930. After summer, they returned to their individual schools and their romance bloomed thru letters and exchange of pictures.

–to be continued…



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