Catch That Story…part two

Part two of the story:

He was 2nd born of 5, in their family. His older sister, by 3 years was already working as a teacher in Daet. Due to the scarcity of teachers, even graduates of high schools were recruited. His father had a good means of livelihood, being an administrator/secretary in the local Catholic Church. They owned some rice lands.

The farm’s produce was big enough to help send him to the University of the Philippines in Manila. In later years, he gave up his legal rights to inherit his rightful portion of this farm, because, he married too early and was not able to help his younger siblings’ college education, as older children were expected to do.

His love for his object of affection was so intense that he literally forgot the admonitions of his parents. A job was waiting for him in the mining town of Larap. He did not take this job. His father was very much disappointed. The object of his affection was equally infatuated with him. They just decided to get married on their own in Daet under a simple civil ceremony attended by his younger brother and without the presence of any parent and other siblings on both sides.

A few days after their wedding, they boarded a bus for Sipocot and from there, took the train to Manila, and started their married life there. He at 20, and she at 17. This was almost like an elopement or run-away marriage for all intents and purposes, in the absence of parental consent. Their action would be considered immature and childish, but a great and brave romantic adventure at the same time.

–to be continued…

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