Catch That Story…

“I almost lost this story. Good thing, I caught it in time, even if partially.”

This particular story is about the young love episode that occurred from 1929 to 1931 in the Philippines between two people in their late teens. After a short courtship and whirlwind romance, they married quite so young that one is led to conclude their hearts triumphed over their minds. They decided most likely on impulse and uncontrolled infatuation and high adrenalin, as we say nowadays.

They probably lost sight of their responsibilities as dutiful children of their parents. But young marriages were actually prevalent during that time frame of the roaring 20s and 30s. One can also conclude that although young in physical age, they were quite mature in their decision-making. They were more daring and not afraid to make commitments early in life. Settling down seemed so easy to them; in complete disregard to what life lay ahead of them.

Our young man finished college at age 20 from the University of the Philippines in 1931 with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He was born in 1910 and he was a few months shy of age 21, when he graduated, in March. His birth month was November.

A young man like that was supposed to find work before anything else, after graduation. With family traditions and Filipino culture to reckon with, he was morally obligated and expected to start repaying his debts to his parents, by helping the younger siblings’ college education. But he chose a different route, thereby defying a tradition.

–to be continued…

(Tatay Jobo Elizes, the author, is a 78-year-old Filipino retiree from New York, USA who has published more than 60 Filipino writings. His works can be seen at by searching “tatay jobo elizes”).



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