Finance Revolution Filipino Style


Some Household Service Workers in Kuwait being repatriated to the Philippines. What will happen to their families' finances?
Some Household Service Workers in Kuwait being repatriated to the Philippines. What will happen to their families’ finances?

While some of the world’s richest people drive their own cars, do not splurge on designer brands, go to vacations only with a practical budget, Filipinos just love to look nice. Many of us drive top of the line cars and live in houses we almost cannot afford. The latest gadgets appeal to us so much that with just one swipe of our credit card we must have that gadget on our hands. When travelling, most Filipinos instantly post on their social media pages. Perhaps they are happy or maybe, they just want to brag about it?

During the time of Overseas Contract Workers (OCW) they sent huge amount of money to their families and many wasted the finances on shopping and loan giving to relatives. Even before the next remittance comes, they are already in debt. The case is still the same with finances of many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) families today. Young professionals who are just starting with their career find themselves requesting for cash advances because they can’t stop themselves from going to malls and buy just anything. Problem is, many of us love to pretend that their finances are well so they show off and live the good life, but the truth is otherwise.

So how do we introduce a finance revolution Filipino style? Live within your means. That should be the number one rule of a finance literate person. If we practice this rule, we can avoid plunging into the crisis of financial debt. Those of us who are credit card holders must try to discipline themselves before they allow their card swipe because in the end, whatever you acquire with your credit card, you must pay back when your statement of account comes.

Start the finance revolution Filipino style today, with your own self. You can do it!

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