2012 December 05

Taken in Santa Ana, Manila on 2012 December.
Taken in Santa Ana, Manila on 2012 December.


Two years ago today, December 05, I was able to have a surprise homecoming to the Philippines. Receiving two awards from Overseas Balikbayan Reputation Award (OBRA) 2012 and Migration Advocacy Media (MAM) Award 2012, are my prized possessions as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and blogger.

But before anything else, I am a daughter, a sister, a relative, a friend who took by surprise my loved ones and very special people, with my unexpected homecoming. Although I was not able to bring much “pasalubong” for them but the quality of time spent was more than enough to treasure.

Homesickness is the number one struggle any Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) must be able to surmount. Adjusting in a new environment, being with people with diverse background, education, nationality is a tough task to handle at first. Most Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) would like to come home for a vacation and it becomes more exciting when it is the month of December!







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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

10 thoughts on “2012 December 05

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    Michael Angelo says:

    There’s no better place to spend Christmas than in the Philippines! Homesickness is natural and its a terrible feeling. Just remember people here love you and thinking always of you!

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    Louise says:

    Lucky are those OFWs who are able to visit their families here in the Philippines for Christmas. As for my parents, they can’t take their holiday or leave on December because they are not permitted by their bosses 🙁

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    Kim Kaylan says:

    I agree with you. Lots of overseas workers are experiencing struggles being away from the family. Good thing though that we have ways of communicating like using Skype, facebook, viber etc. Through that the home sickness will be filled by communicating with them online. Hoping you’ll be with your love ones again soon! Happy travels! Cheers!


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    Kach Mu says:

    Wow congratulations Grasya! Receiving awards is just a bonus with your achievements! Was looking for your Facebook Fan page if you have one?

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      admin says:

      Hello po. Thank you. Yes, I have one. Here is the link po. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diary-Ni-Gracia/160024587398244

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