Angel in Disguise

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I have fallen upon the threshold of my own drunken fit and somehow died in the presence of frightened things.

Failure in life touches the spring of our common humanity.

“What is to be done with this life?” That was the chief question mostly asked.

“I could do much better, I know,” as we sometime whisper to ourselves and we must act from a sense of duty with sad eyes.

And we never know there will be somehow a light speaking that comes from the shining moon that will prove a blessed change “that any condition and belief can be change”.

A clean and tender can mend a broken piece of soul with  a kind voice. A sphere of tenderness went out from it and penetrated the tears. A bond of hope already corded itself around and was springing into life.

“What have you there?” I only heard in a gentle tone. I stepped back  if it’s real, but a moisture in my eye can’t hide.

“Your name pls?” …

I just realized… in my heart an Angel in Disguise.

A sonic moment. I just look up with gratitude and sunshine of faith comes in.


Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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