Contentment is synonymous to freedom.
Contentment is synonymous to freedom. (deleoncecil)


Sometimes when we set a goal for ourselves, we are so engrossed on how to achieve it. Unknowingly, it  becomes our be all and end all of our life. When we couldn’t achieve our goal the way we planned it to be, we get so frustrated and we lose our patience to wait, our hope that all with be fine.

To be free of all the negative vibes that hamper our growth, we must be set free. When we know that we have done our best and yet the problem still remains, the pain lingers, it is time to let everything go and turn to God for His Divine Guidance.


He has all the answers to our questions although the answers may not come at the time we want them to see. Being contented in our life, whatever the situation we are presently in, means freedom. When learn to wait patiently for God’s answer, He will give us what we need, and not what we want.
Set yourself free starting today. When you’ve done the best you can, leave the rest to Him. Enjoy your freedom.



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