An artist in the truest sense of the word

Alvin Acuna, an artist in the truest sense of the word.
Alvin Acuna, an artist in the truest sense of the word. (MK / kangaroos)

There he was again; scrawling something on a paper pad and geared with set of crayons as he slouched on the floor.  He was let alone by his mother, grandmother and grandaunt, who were all busy sewing clothes from the fabric materials that their patrons had confidently entrusted them to do. But this lad of 3 years was not just scrawling. He’s creating arts! He’s making images he had in mind or tracing shapes that interest his attention. The elders, of course, were not surprised to see this bespectacled boy and a scion of artists to have a proclivity in arts, at an early age. His name is Alvin Padullon Acuña or “Vino” to his friends. And nobody was amazed anymore, seeing Alvin showing interest in craftsmanship. Consider these. His father, Rollie Acuña – a known great artist in Cavite, is noted for his craft in painting still-images and human portraits, as among his creations. And Rollie continually receives acclamation until today, as the creator who put to life  the images painted on the dome of St. Francis Church in Gen. Trias, Cavite. Well, if it is easy for an ordinary artist to paint facing upward at the top of the scale for hours, days & weeks, then nobody could then be called  a “Great Artist”, anymore, isn’t it? Let’s cite other persons where Alvin inherited his fondness to arts. There’s Juan Acuña, Alvin’s paternal grandfather, who is not be ignored. It was his talent in painting where Rollie inherited his artistic skill, you know; and so was the latter’s siblings. There’s also Albino Asercion – his maternal great grandfather and to whom his name Alvin was adopted on, was himself a famous local painter and photographer. There could have been more, but, well, it’s understandable that Alvin could not remember all of his kin anymore, who had inclinations to artistry. But of course, this is besides the elder ladies who were regarded as prominent dress makers, too, in their heydays. Weren’t they deemed artists too, in their own different ways? Alvin’s mother is not to be belittled, either. Ask around where you could find a prominent couturier and wedding-gown maker in town. And if you don’t hear the name “Lucy”, then the person you asked does not live there or might have moved in, just recently. And the “grannies”? They were the authorities calling the shots, when it came to embroidered apparels. From that heritage, Alvin’s bloodline commanded his instinct to express what’s in store in it. Faithful to his calling, he’d easily delivered and got his first acclamation at a tender age of seven that continued through High School. He garnered a number of awards, depicting his artistic talents. Still, the residents in the community where he grew up in Gen. Trias, Cavite, could easily recall that his family is also a clan of great musicians and singers. (Unfortunately, Alvin was not blessed to excel in both of these qualifications.) To be continued.

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