An artist in the truest sense of the word, part 2

OFW artist Alvin Acuna at the Breakfast Reception of the 118th Philippine Independence Day Celebration at the Philippine Embassy Faiha.
OFW artist Sir Alvin at the Breakfast Reception of the 118th Philippine Independence Day Celebration at the Philippine Embassy Faiha. (photo: Sir Alvin’s own)

  (This is the second part of the progressive blog about OFW artist, Sir Alvin Acuña .) But not only that; he earned his first income doing artworks asked by relatives, friends and neighbors or far-reaching residents, alike. Well, it’s not much, though; but the joy of receiving the accolade from the ones who asked for the works, was simply much more than any token he could had ever imagined, considering his age. So it was not startling, of course, that,  for want of developing his chosen field, he took a drafting course for a year, and another 2 years in Architecture, until he concluded his degree in Fine Arts at PWU, where he majored in Advertising. Time flew unnoticed then; and how fast. Until Alvin realized that his diploma could not guarantee his stable economic position. He had worked at various places doing odd jobs, catering mostly to his expertise, of course. But he still felt an obvious space has to be filled in. And the adventure has begun. He went to Kuwait in 1992 when he was hired as a Graphic Designer in an advertising company that lasted him until 1996; at a period when the world was still technologically challenged. And with the advent of computers still forthcoming, Alvin had to be contented transforming his fresh ideas with the limited resources, materials and gears available at that time. Is it exaggerated to tell that colored pencils, water colors and illustration boards were in the fad then? Of course, not. To sum up, finishing his tasks manually was not only the best choice, but the only option that prevailed then. After marking his presence in Kuwait, he moved to another company while studying software that complemented his line of interests in arts. 1998 came and remains memorable to this suave artist. Alvin was named as the winner in a painting contest, themed “NEW FREEDOM, NEW HEROES”. KAMAY – a group of Filipino artists, sponsored and organized the event that was opened to all Filipino Artists in Kuwait. Despite the recognition, Alvin had unrelentingly sought for himself out a haven to convey his concepts: for convenience, comfort and stability, altogether, though employed consistently in between periods. So, his search for better opportunities never ceased; not unless his signature was finally marked and recognized, on whatever creations he wished to craft. Until 2003 came. He found temporary refuge and positioned himself at UNIEXPO – a subsidiary of Al Kharafi Group of Companies. Imagine that; he’s staying at this firm for 10 years now. Are you surprise or just contented that Alvin has finally found his ideal sanctuary? Alvin has re-positioned himself capturing various objects and interesting scenery with artistic potentials in Kuwait, via his camera, since November 2012. And from the still images he has exposed and posted so far, his excellence in this field is every bit, at par – if not above, those of the works of professional lens men. His attention to photography now is understandably jibed with his love for Art, but will other form of craftsmanship be far behind? Sculpture, maybe; or fashionable apparels, perhaps? Let’s see.  

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