You are Special and God loves you

Now I know why God has given me people whom I hold dearest to my heart. They have always been gentle and kind to me even when we only spoke with each other thru voice or video calls when I was still in Kuwait.

Sissy Lanie is one of them. I don’t just consider her like the older sister I never had. For me she, is also a good friend and I couldn’t thank her enough for all her support when my beloved Nanay passed away.

I am grateful too that our proximity to each other makes it easier to hopefully schedule visits or even sleep overs from my place to hers. Being under the same sky and having the same world time, I do not have to compute anymore when we want to say “hi” or catch up with each other’s stories.

Sissy Lanie, my prayer for you sums up everything in the photo below. I cannot thank you enough and your family for being part of my life. For sharing in my pain and understanding me continuously. Always remember that you are special and God loves you.


My prayer for you. (photo credit to owner)
My prayer for you. (photo credit to owner)

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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