Designing Your Invites

“The Best Thing" />

Designing Your Invites

The Best Things in Life are Meant to be Shared


Designing Your Invites

“The Best Things in Life are Meant to be Shared”
-and that includes one’s wedding-


Now, here is among my favorites- designing the invites.  It took me a major u–turn after arranging our seminars and other necessary papers. I was so excited, (not that I am not excited with the seminars) and I was itching to release my ideas in this small but very necessary element of our wedding. So, ano nga ba ang wedding invitation? Aside from containing the details of the wedding, there’s more to this piece of paper.

Remember: Your guests are amongst your most treasured people. They had witnessed a lot of milestones in their lives. You want your wedding to be one of those milestones wherein they are present. Your invites send your love and respect to these guys. Since, tying the knot is a celebration of these. Let us spread some to them, prior to the wedding, during and after this event.

You can start this by creating your wedding invites. With a little of your creativity and resourcefulness, you can echo your wishes and appreciation for their presence. How can you do this? 

Simple. Make your wedding invites special. Just like when you are buying a gift for your friends/family members or for your other half. Choose something beautiful and unique! Hopefully, something that when received can immediately put a smile on people’s lips.

What to Write On Your Invites

Generally, these are the details to be included in your wedding invites. Some modifications can be done based on your preference.

The Host Line

It is the topmost part of the invites. It pertains to those hosting the wedding. For the traditionalists, it’s the bride’s family. However, this is not always applicable. Especially now that couples tend to be more responsible about their own finances. This includes their wedding expenses. So, oftentimes the host line is a phrase that goes – “Together With Their Families”.

The Request Line

This phrase invites the person/s to attend the event.

The Name of The Groom and The Bride

The bride’s name comes first. Then the groom’s name follows on the same line.

Date / Time and Location

This line tells the exact time, date and place of your wedding ceremony.

The After Party

It indicates where the guests will be treated for lunch or dinner.

Dress Code

It is important to inform your guest of what dress code is preferred for the wedding.


It’s a party politely asking the invited to respond regarding the invitation. This can be small writings at the bottom of the invites. It can be another card which people can send back to you.

In a traditional Filipino wedding an invitation nakalagay din ang entourage. Kaya noon madalas lumalabas sa isang page. Pero modern day couples have become more practical and want to economize. “The shorter the better”, is the trend right now for invitations. With of course a nice design and complete details. Designs have also evolved from the types of paper and the wordings. But whatever style or paper you use, invites should mirror your desire for your guests’ presence at the wedding.

Some simple yet useful tips for creating your invitations:

  1. If you do not have enough time or if you are lacking creativity, you may ask a sibling or a friend to help you create the invitations. 
  2. You may also join some groups on the web. Perhaps, you can get free templates or ideas for your wedding invites. 
  3. Your invitations do not have to look extravagant. 

You may replace fancy paper materials. You may choose  other cheaper in price but equally attractive paper.



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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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