The Benevolent Works of Kuwait Triskelion Alumni Organization (KTAO)

The COVID-19 pandemic is an eye-opener to all of us that all individuals’ unity is our primary element towards a better life. Since its beginning, many individuals were affected, leaving them distressed, confused, and lost within the chaos of the crisis. However, in this time of trial, we have seen numerous organizations and groups who showed the essence of unity and generosity towards other people. Especially in Kuwait, the community of Filipino residents and workers gathered together to dedicate themselves to providing the needs of our Kababayans.

On May 8, 2020, Honesto Doctolero expressed his substantial gratitude to the leadership of the Tau Gamma Phi/Sigma International Council and Kuwait Triskelion Alumni Organization (KTAO). Through the LBC Express Inc, the KTAO Food Assistance Project from their Rice Donation Program was conducted.

Founded on October 4, 1968, the fraternity was established in the Philippines. They call its members as Triskelions, with about 2,500,000 registered members worldwide. One of its affiliated groups is the Kuwait Triskelion Alumni Organization (KTAO). Their food assistance project provided great relief to our Kababayans in Kuwait during this time of pandemic.

The humanitarian efforts will significantly support many distressed and needy Filipinos within Kuwait. They also gave relief goods to our dedicated medical frontliners. This inspiring act of kindness and generosity will push us further towards a better future where unity is instilled within our hearts.



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