The Charitable Deeds of Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) in Kuwait

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As everyone faced the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, a light of hope outshines all the adversities that each of us experienced. Even in this critical situation where we cannot easily control, different organizations continue to pave their way in helping each person in the world. It is incredible to know how each help creates a significant difference during this health crisis.

The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers shared their charitable works in helping our fellow Filipino community in Kuwait. The organization played a significant role in providing excellent leadership to the Filipino Engineering Community of Kuwait. It is done through different conducted events where they inform, influence, and inspire their members with their profession.

The organization’s main objectives are to maintain their profession’s integrity, contribute to the improvement of science, technology, and economic growth, promote cooperation and fellowship within the mechanical engineers, and uphold excellence within the practice of their profession. They regularly contribute to the local community for their aspiration and professional development.  

 As of the year 2020, Engr. Eric C. Gono is leading as the president of the organization. Along with him is Engr. Alner S. Unabia as the Executive Vice President, Engr. Dionisio R. Daguman Jr. as Vice President of Internal Affairs, Engr. Dindo P. Niñal as Vice President of External Affairs and Engr. Ralph B. Vinarao as Vice President of Technical Affairs.

Additionally, Engr. Jake Daryl D. Lara is the assigned Secretary with Engr. Reynaldo C. Meneses as the Treasurer, Engr. Eulalio G. Reoterez Jr. as Audito and Engr. Jefferson G. Paras as P.R.O. The Board of Directors is composed of  Engr. Alex M. Carandang, Engr. Antonio S. Garo Jr., Engr. Eddie Son A. Padilla, Engr. Lloyd C. Gulmatico, Engr. Glenn C. Maurin and Engr. Gerardo T. Urbano. For the members of PSME in Kuwait chapter, a total of sixty members composed the organization. All of them have their individual contribution in providing charitable works in the community.

They distributed food packages filled with a single tray of egg, fresh fish, canned goods, noodles, and rice. Many people benefited their food distribution during the coronavirus health crisis in Kuwait. Under the masks of each receiver is a priceless smile of hope caused by this courageous work of charity.

The big heart of the organization for the people who need help is what we need during this health crisis. They are adept at maintaining their harmonious relationship with the Filipino community in Kuwait. May they continue to work for the needs of every person as they seek to promote ethical leadership and an excellent example to the community.



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