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CORONAVIRUS DIARIES: DAY#101 – Ensuring One’s Livelihood and Access to Healthcare

June 20, 2020

“The verdict you pronounce upon the source of your livelihood is the verdict you pronounce  upon your life.”

Ayn Rand

 During this pandemic, the circumstances brought by the coronavirus imposed an obstacle towards the prosperity of our livelihood. Without our financial income through our jobs, severe consequences will come. It includes food shortage, famine, loss of financial capacity, and anxiety attacks. Even with all these critical situations, we continue to fight and survive for a better future.

In Kuwait, the Ministry of Health registered 467 new COVID-19 cases with six additional deaths and 536 recoveries. It brings to a total record of 39,145 cases with 319 fatalities and 30,726 recovered cases. Within the new cases, 268 are Kuwaiti citizens composing 57.40 percent, while 199 are Non-Kuwaiti citizens consisting of 42.60 percent of the total count. In the governorates, there are 123 cases in Al Jahra, 112 in Al Farwaniya, 109 in Al Ahmadi, 70 in Hawally, and 53 in the Capital. Among the residential cases, Farwaniya is the highest with 38 cases.

Currently, 8,100 coronavirus patients are receiving medical treatment as it decreased from 8,175 cases. Compared to yesterday’s report, the new number of cases decreased.

Update of COVID-19 cases in Kuwait on June 20, 2020

Implemented Measures for Livelihood and Healthcare

As the first phase of the government’s plan continues in Kuwait, the government took all the necessary measures ensuring the safety of all nationals and foreign residents in the country and their respective access to healthcare. His Highness, the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, directed all these implemented measures in line with the international human rights standards.

They conducted a meeting discussing the government’s efforts to combat the social, psychological, and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Notably, they prioritized the women and families of the nation, according to Kuwait’s Family Affairs Committee Chief Hanaa Al-Hajeri.

 The Kuwait government encouraged the committee members to implement comprehensive strategies and policies to relieve these impacts on the families through the coordination between the civil society and state bodies. Committee Chief Al-Hajeri affirmed that authorities proposed several humanitarian initiatives intended for all the residents from various nationalities who are affected by the pandemic. These initiatives include livelihood support and their individual rights for the country’s food stockpile.

 It is a good thing that the authorities are assessing the current livelihood of the people, especially the expatriates who are greatly affected by the “No Work, No Pay” situation. It is indeed difficult to continue living in the country without their financial income. Many of our Kabayans went to Kuwait to provide finances to their families in the Philippines. I hope these policies and strategies will be implemented immediately, for many individuals are struggling for assistance in the implemented lockdown measures. 

Electronic Platform for Immune Plasma Donations

Studies show that one can help strengthen the coronavirus patients’ immune system by receiving the donation of immune plasma from the blood of people who recovered. Therefore, the Kuwait blood bank officially launched an electronic platform where one can register for their donations.

 I am glad that the Kuwait Blood Bank launched an accessible platform for all the individuals who successfully recovered from coronavirus infection. Basing on the tally, I can consider that there are recoveries in the country. This platform calls to the recovered individuals to share hope for the coronavirus patients who are still on their way to recovery. It is crucial to help each other out in this time of the pandemic. 

COVID-19 Situation in Kuwait

 Yesterday, the Kuwait authorities announced the extension of the first phase plan in the country. However, a video shows today’s situation of the community in Farwaniya Block 1. Many people are wandering outside their homes despite the ongoing threat of coronavirus’ transmission. Some individuals are not practicing preventative measures such as physical distancing and wearing of facemasks. I am very disappointed about this incident because they contribute a lot to the spread of the virus. I encourage everyone to comply with the guidelines for us to move to the second phase plan organized by the Kuwait government.


In Farwaniya, the authorities conducted food distribution to the community. The same thing happened in Hawally, as the Kuwait National Guard facilitated their delivery of meals. I am very grateful to the authorities for their unceasing food distributions to the community. It is what we all need, especially in times of financial crisis.

Food Distribution in Farwaniya
Distribution of Meals in Hawally

It is very disheartening to know that one of our Kabayans in the country committed suicide. The Kuwait authorities reported the suicide case of a Filipino man who hanged himself through a rope tied in his ceiling. It happened inside his apartment in Nugra Area. The primary cause of the suicide was due to the depression during this health crisis.

Attacks of depression and anxieties are widespread these days due to the threat of the coronavirus disease. These downhearted feelings are inevitable. However, in times of need, we must also seek emotional support for our friends and families. Several organizations are much willing to assist you only if you reach out to them.

Today marks the 21st day of the government’s implemented first phase plan. Even if the first phase is extended, we must remain hopeful that we can soon return to normalcy even with this gradual process. Let us continue to pray for the safety of our frontliners who risked their lives every day and the Kuwait government, who are doing the best possible in this pandemic. For that, let us continue to support each other in this time of trial. 

Assessment of COVID-19 Situation in the Philippines

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) reported that several Overseas Filipino Workers are currently scavenging for food within the garbage in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Due to this incident, the agency coordinated with the Saudi Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development and the Team Time Company to bring our fellow Kabayans home, according to the Philippine Embassy in Saudi Arabia. 

 In the meantime, the POLO continues to provide food packages for the displaced workers in Saudi Arabia. Philippine Ambassador of Saudi Arabia Adnan Alonto affirmed that they are working for the repatriation of these workers as soon as possible. Repatriation is their primary goal. However, it also needs the permit of exit visas and the availability of more flights. In the video from the GMA TV below, it shows the circulated video online about several Filipino workers scouring for food within the garbage areas.


  The Chief Implementer of the National Action Plan (NAP) announced that the Philippine government continues to organize a second phase of the country’s operation plans and concepts against the coronavirus pandemic. The Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) will continue their regular assessment of the critical situation in the National Capital Region (NCR), Cebu, Central Luzon, Calabarzon and Eastern Visayas regarding the transmission of coronavirus according to Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr. He said that they would soon be implementing the second phase for July, August, and September to address its transmission in critical areas like Cebu.

 As they will assess the coronavirus situation in the critical regions, various analysts from the University of the Philippine (UP) will help with the recommendation of the plans. Lastly, he assured that they are doing everything, with President Rodrigo Duterte and the national task force on COVID-19, to save more lives and gradually revive the country’s economy. 

  I commend the continuous efforts of the government in controlling the flow of this pandemic. I will continue to support our home country in fighting the health crisis through my prayers and blogging works. Through these works of mine, I hope we can end the pandemic soon.

“Magmahalan kayo bilang magkakapatid kay Cristo at maging magalang sa isaʼt isa.”

Roma 12:10 ASND


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