Investing in growth stocks is a beautiful method to achieve the kind of wealth that will change your life. Knowing which growth " />

The hot stock after the pandemic in 2023


Investing in growth stocks is a beautiful method to achieve the kind of wealth that will change your life. Knowing which growth stocks to buy and when is the key.


Through the first half of 2022, many growth stocks have been moved. The S&P 500 Growth index dropped 28% during the first half of 2022, while the S&P 500 index experienced a 20% decline. Some growth stocks had steeper declines, with stock values dropping by 50% or more. Now can be an excellent time to buy if you can find a growing inventory with solid fundamentals.


While many cherished sectors have unfortunately experienced more bankruptcies than they should have, many others have prospered partly because of changing consumer habits.


See where the money has continued to go even in the middle of the present crisis by looking at some of this year’s winners.


Netflix Inc. 

Investors in Netflix are switching the dial. As customers choose to binge-watch movies and TV episodes while cooped up indoors during the pandemic, the streaming service’s subscriber count and stock price reached new highs. However, on Tuesday, the business disclosed its first quarterly subscriber drop in more than ten years. It anticipates losing an additional 2 million in the current quarter as it battles competing streaming services’ rivalry and client password sharing. The market value of Netflix tumbled by $54 billion on Wednesday as its shares dropped 35%, their second-worst one-day drop in history. William Ackman, a millionaire investor, claimed his fund had sold its Netflix position at a loss that day.


Peloton Interactive Inc.

Peloton has lost its momentum. The manufacturer of at-home exercise equipment experienced a breakthrough success during the epidemic as tremendous demand for its exercise bikes was spurred by lockdowns and closed gyms. However, as more people went outside, the business faltered, decreasing its revenue projections and laying off 20% of its workforce. Blackwells Capital LLC, an activist investor, pressured the board of Peloton earlier this year to oust the company’s CEO and explore a sale. Previously valued at more than $50 billion in the market, the corporation is now only worth about $7 billion.


Etsy Inc.

Will Etsy engineer a post-epidemic resurgence? In the early stages of the epidemic, more people chose to shop online, resulting in a business boom for internet retailers. But as vaccines became widely accessible, some customers started returning to physical stores, which led to a decline in e-commerce. The number of active buyers on Etsy began to decline in the first quarter of 2021. Currently, some of the company’s vendors are refusing to work with it as it prepares to compete with companies like Inc. More than 20,000 merchants protested increasing commission rates by signing a petition, which Etsy claimed would help pay for marketing efforts and expand seller support services.


Carvana Co.

A portion of Carvana’s acceleration is fading. On Wednesday, the online used vehicle reseller announced its first-ever quarterly sales fall and announced plans to raise $2 billion in ordinary and preferred stock. In the past two years, the once-pandemic favorite has multiplied, approximately doubling its quarterly sales volume since the spring of 2020 as more consumers have turned to internet shopping. Carvana’s development goals were derailed by rising borrowing rates, dropping used car prices, and inflation-conscious clients, while logistics backlogs forced the company to curtail consumer vehicle sales and restricted the amount of inventory available on its website. The price of Carvana shares had decreased by about 80% from their high last summer and around 18% in the previous three trading days.


Clorox Co.

Cleaning is no longer done using Clorox. Sales increased at the pandemic’s peak as the company struggled to meet American demand for cleaning supplies. But once Covid limitations loosened and vaccine supplies were abundant, the disinfection craze subsided, as did need for the company’s wipes and sprays. According to the business, pricing rises will help margins and profitability this year. Shares of Clorox have decreased by nearly 17% since April 2021.


Moderna Inc.

During the global competition to create a Covid-19 vaccine, Moderna quickly rose to the top. Although Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE’s and Pfizer Inc.’s vaccines are still the most popular in the United States, Moderna now contends with a competitive market and investors worries about how long vaccine sales will continue to be strong. In order to maintain protection, especially from the Omicron form, the business anticipates that consumers will require another booster treatment by fall. In 2021, shares rose and reached a record in August, but they have since dropped 71%. The stock is still significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels.


PayPal Holdings Inc.

PayPal is reducing its charge. The pandemic’s shift to online shopping increased its transaction volumes and revenues, pushing its market worth beyond all other U.S. banks outside JPMorgan Chase & Co. at one point. As lockdowns decreased and in-store sales increased, sentiment started to wane. In February, PayPal revised its forecast for 2022 profits and abandoned the aggressive development plan it had implemented the year before. From their peak in July, shares are down 72%.


Domino’s Pizza Inc.

Domino’s Pizza is no longer as popular with investors. When restaurants stopped their dining rooms due to the epidemic, a surge of delivery and takeaway orders lifted the pizza chain’s shares. However, due to restaurant reopenings and continued staffing concerns, same-store sales in the United States fell for the first time in ten years in the fourth quarter. Due to a lack of delivery drivers, the company has even started allowing customers who pick up their orders in-store to collect a $3 tip. Shares have decreased 33% from their peak in December 2021.


Zoom Video Communications Inc.

Zoom’s connectivity has declined since the year 2020. Zoom gained notoriety due to the pandemic, and its stock price reached an all-time high in October 2020. However, improved vaccination rates and a rise in the number of people returning to work have prompted concerns about its potential rate of development in the cutthroat market for video conferences. The company’s revenue growth dropped to 21% in the most recent quarter, the weakest increase on record. After its almost $15 billion offer to acquire the contact center company Five9 Inc. was rejected in September by the selling shareholders, Zoom is also having difficulty growing. Shares are almost back to pre-pandemic levels with a decline of around 82% from their peak.


Campbell Soup Co.

Shares of Campbell Soup are declining. As consumers sought comfort food at the beginning of 2020, its U.S. soup sales increased. However, the most recent quarter saw a decline in sales as more people ate out more frequently. The 150-year-old business must now contend with inflation pressures and rising expenses for labor, ingredients, packaging, and logistics. To increase its appeal to younger customers, it is launching a long overdue product makeover that includes streamlined ingredients and contemporary packaging. Share prices were down 13% from their peak in March 2020.


The 20-for-1 stock split that underwent this year garnered media attention. However, as the shares fell, the excitement generated by that news soon evaporated. Amazon stock has lost most of its gains from the COVID era and is currently trading approximately 40% below its all-time highs. The shares are hardly higher now than four years ago, in the summer of 2018.


Consider Wayfair, which has had the best year-to-year performance among the Russell 1000 stocks. It benefited from having both an online store and a store selling home furnishings. E-commerce and home improvement are two industries that have benefited from the stuck-at-home era more than others.


Six Flags, which if a speculative gamble on the operator of amusement parks pulling back from the edge, is at the other end of the list. Mall-based or brick-and-mortar stores like Gap, Kohl’s, and L Brands are other once-beaten-down recovery plays.


There is a strong possibility that the easy money has already been made with many of the stocks on this list, whether they are investments in the future of the recovery or more backward-looking pandemic economic benefactors.


The shares of Dutch Bros. are a recent IPO that has significantly struggled in 2022. Dutch Bros is a 1992-founded operator and franchisee of drive-through coffee shops with a focus on espresso-based beverages. The corporation had 538 locations distributed throughout 12 states as of year’s end 2021. By the end of this year, it also intends to open at least 130 more locations.


Growth stock prices have fallen significantly in 2022. Growth stocks are under pressure as a result of high inflation since it lowers the value of their predicted earnings in the future. Additionally, certain companies’ ability to scale has been affected by supply chain limitations, while other macroeconomic concerns have an impact on the entire economy. However, the slump can present a purchasing opportunity for long-term investors while growth stock prices are low.


10 Post-Pandemic Stocks

Through the two exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed below, American investors can obtain exposure to Philippine stocks. Let’s examine each fund’s KPIs in more detail before turning to the charts to seek potential trading opportunities.


  • iShares MSCI Philippines ETF (EPHE)
  • Global X FTSE Southeast Asia ETF (ASEA)


  • Banks –  MBT, BDO, BPI
  • Power – MER, AP
  • Property – SMPH, ALI, AREIT, VLL
  • Infrastructure – MPI
  • Holding Firms – SM, AC, SMC, AEV


The ten hot stock after the pandemic


  1. SM Investments Corp. (SM)
  • SM Investments (Stock Code: SM) 

The SM group of enterprises offers retail, real estate, banking, and equity investments. All of these business areas are combined under the ticker symbol “SM Investments” (SM). SM Investments is incredibly large. With a market worth of almost P1 trillion, it is the largest corporation listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange.


Over 30% of the value of the Philippine stock market index is already made up of three of its companies: SMIC, SMPH, and BDO. The business has strong fundamentals and outstanding earnings. Additionally, it pays out hefty dividends. Investors seeking sustainable, lucrative growth ought to purchase SM stock. 


  1. Ayala Corporation (AC)
  • Ayala Corporation (AC) (Stock Code: AC)

Undoubtedly one of the largest companies in the Philippines is Ayala Corporation (Stock Code: AC). Famous Philippine companies including BPI, Globe Telecom, Ayala Land, and AC Energy and Infrastructure are all owned by this enormous corporation. It currently has a market capitalization of more than P420 billion.


Because it consistently distributes dividends to its owners and is one of the greatest blue-chip corporations in the Philippines. One of the most popular stocks on the PSEI, the benchmark index for the Philippine stock market, is AC stock. As a result, the majority of equity and mutual funds that follow the PSEI invest their resources in AC shares of stock.


  1. SM Prime Holdings (SMPH)
  • SM Prime Holdings (Stock Code: SMPH)

The property development division of SM Group is called SMPH. It is one of South East Asia’s biggest integrated real estate developers. The company operates 7 malls in China and 78 malls in the Philippines. Additionally, SMPH constructs and oversees hotels, convention centers, office and commercial buildings, and residential complexes.


According to market capitalization, SMPH is the biggest real estate firm listed on the PSE (in trillion). As a result, it gives the authority to utilize enough money to keep growing and innovating its company as well as upcoming real estate projects. Additionally, SMPH has solid foundations. Investor confidence is further increased by its FY2021 consolidated net income of P21.79 billion and ongoing dividend payments to shareholders.


  1. Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI)
  • Ayala Corporation (Stock Code: AC)

One of the Philippines’ largest companies. Famous Philippine companies including BPI, Globe Telecom, Ayala Land, and AC Energy and Infrastructure are all owned by this enormous corporation. It currently has a market capitalization of more than P420 billion.


Due to the fact that Ayala Land is a market leader in the real estate industry. The balance sheet of ALI is steady. Its assets continue to increase. Long-term investors should consider the company’s track record when deciding whether to hold this stock for ten or more years. It’s important to remember that ALI also pays dividends.


  1. International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICT)
  • International Container Terminal Services (Stock Code: ICT)

The top terminal operator in the Philippines. ICT operates a large number of ports in 20 nations in the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. ICT is unquestionably among the top Philippine stocks to purchase in 2022.


Due to the nature of its business and the fact that it is the only company in the terminal operator industry among the top companies listed on the Philippine stock exchange. As a result, there is very little industry-wide competition. ICT has strong financial standing and a positive future. We believe that following the pandemic, terminal development and the opening of port facilities will increase ICT’s income in 2022.


  1. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC)
  • Jollibee Foods Corporation (Stock code: JFC)

The Philippines’ largest food chain. It is currently growing its food franchise operations globally. Additionally, JFC has affiliates for a number of well-known fast food chains, including Chowking, Red Ribbon, Mang Inasal, Greenwich, Burger King, and many others.

Because JFC is the leading company in the food network market and is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange, you wish to commit a portion of your investment fund to the food business. The price of JFC shares has historically been rising. Despite the stock suffering a significant decrease as a result of the epidemic, now is a great moment to invest before it once again reaches its all-time high.


  1. Metro Pacific Investments (MPI)
  • Metro Pacific Investments (Stock code: MPI)

A significant infrastructure holding firm in the Philippines with investment management capabilities. Power, toll roads, water, health services, light rail, and logistics are among MPI’s major activities.


An economy’s foundation is its infrastructure. Regional Investments in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia are also owned in large part by MPI.


  1. COL Financial
  • Col Financial  Group, Inc. (Stock code: COL)

Currently the largest stock trading company in the Philippines. We recently spoke about the process of trading and investing with Col Financial; when we spoke about how to invest in Jollibee and invest in blue-chip stocks. Col Financial allows its users to freely invest in the Philippine Stock Exchange with their online trading platform.


Over the years, the requirements to get started have been reduced. There are several investment opportunities on the platform, which leads to Col Financial is one of the Philippines’ top ten investment companies. If you are looking for the top investment companies in the Philippines because you are thinking of trading yourself, then Col Financial is a great option.


  1. Citi- 
  • Citigroup Inc. (C)

Citi is a very sizable company with millions of clients worldwide. Citi’s wide range of investment possibilities is one of the main factors contributing to its ranking among the top 5 profitable investment firms in the Philippines.


Citi provides its clients with financial options, wealth insights, and a handy investing handbook. But the fact that Citi offers very easy access to investing is one of the reasons this is among the top five and top ten investment firms in the Philippines. It can be easier to invest directly with Citi if you already have an account there rather than through another platform.


  1. Sun Life – 
  • Sun Life Financial Inc. (SLF)

One of the top investment firms in the Philippines for beginners is SunLife. The fact that SunLife offers a variety of solutions for different risk levels is one advantage of utilizing them for your investment. Therefore, SunLife offers a variety of investment options that are ideal, whether you want to take on bigger risks and higher rewards or the exact reverse.


SunLife provides a helpful guide and general market knowledge, which is a surefire indicator of a reliable investing firm in the Philippines. They also provide recommendations for specific items based on your circumstances and financial objectives, which is advantageous for novice investors.



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