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Love Online shopping, but do you want to save? Try these hacks!

Love Online shopping, but do you want to save Try these hacks! -diarynigracia

Voucher Lover’s Guide to Online Shipping     The way of life in modern times has changed. People find it time-consuming and uncomfortable to visit crowded markets. E-shopping is thus a blessing because it saves a lot of time. Online shopping refers to a procedure where customers use the Internet to directly purchase goods, services,…

Fashion Fusion in Kuwait

October 5th, Salmiya – Iszonica Modeling School managed by Michelle Natasha Johnson hosted Fashion Fusion featuring fashion creatios by Aureus Trends as modeled by Veronika Bozo, Laila Ivady, Chelsei Bagsic, Krystle Nazareth and Marcia D’Souza. Zafran Restaurant was the key point of convergence during that night. International Hair & Beauty Stylist Laticia Brown’s expertise transformed…

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