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CORONAVIRUS DIARIES: DAY #104 – The Rising of COVID-19 Cases Back Again

June 23, 2020 “Everything that is done in this world is done by hope.” Martin Luther King, Jr. Many governments across different countries did all their best in controlling the coronavirus pandemic. If these things fail, then it is because of the non-compliance of its citizens and residents. It shows that they need our cooperation […]

CORONAVIRUS DIARIES: DAY #103 – Unceasing Service of our Frontliners

June 22, 2020 “Heroism is not blind courage: it is a selfless action. It is knowing the odds are stacked against you, but feeling that you must do what you do for the good of others.” John Baldoni In this coronavirus health crisis, everyone depends on the gallant works of our beloved frontliners. As they […]

YOUR SHARE OF GENEROUS WORKS IN THIS CRISIS – The Pantawid ni Kabayan Program for Kabayans in Kuwait

During this pandemic crisis, the character of teamwork and the essence of unity has been tested between the citizens and residents in Kuwait. Even with the unceasing support of the Kuwait government, many individuals continue to struggle through the “No Work, No Pay” situation in the country. The effects of the pandemic are different for […]

The Complete Procedures You Need for Passport Application and Renewal in the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait

(UPDATED ON JUNE 27, 2020) Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many procedures in our daily operations were changed. Many establishments released new guidelines in line with the precautionary health measures imposed by the Kuwait Ministry of Health to protect the safety of the community. For the applications and renewals of passports, the Philippine Embassy in […]

CORONAVIRUS DIARIES: DAY#101 – Ensuring One’s Livelihood and Access to Healthcare

June 20, 2020 “The verdict you pronounce upon the source of your livelihood is the verdict you pronounce  upon your life.” Ayn Rand  During this pandemic, the circumstances brought by the coronavirus imposed an obstacle towards the prosperity of our livelihood. Without our financial income through our jobs, severe consequences will come. It includes food […]

Ceasing the Rise of Suicide Cases in this COVID-19 Pandemic Through Hope and Support

The COVID-19 pandemic threatened the lives of every individual in the world significantly. Aside from its posing dangers to our physical health, it has also reached and affected our very own soul. It did not only stopped in instilling fear towards the community. It also increased the likelihood of suicide cases globally. Especially to the […]

Your Contacts in Times of Food Shortage and Financial Needs in Kuwait

The coronavirus outbreak brought the world to a standstill as each individual struggles in his or her respective situations. The effects of the pandemic are substantial, as it does not only alter the condition of our personal livelihood and economy. It is the primary cause of the extensive anxieties of every citizen and resident in […]

CORONAVIRUS DIARIES: DAY #100 – Extension of the First Phase Plan

June 19, 2020 “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: SAFETY and SECURITY.” Jodi Rell Every government exercises caution in implementing their plans for their beloved country. As the local transmission of the COVID-19 disease continues, we remain at high risks if we chose not to comply with the imposed guidelines of […]

CORONAVIRUS DIARY: COVID-19 Information Update in Kuwait

Today, lots of information have been surging in and out through the internet or any forms of media. Among all these data, the coronavirus pandemic is the standing topic above all. However, due to the easy accessibility to the internet world, perceiving the credibility and truthfulness of these updates has been difficult. Much fake news […]

CORONAVIRUS DIARIES: DAY #99 – Battling the COVID-19 Disease With Technology

June 18, 2020 “Technology is an important element in progress. See, we can always do something better. There is always progress forward using technology, and that is where innovation starts.” Santiago Calatrava Every day, we can see the advancement of our technology as different researchers conduct further studies on how we can use it to […]

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