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5 Key Insights on Stock Market and REITS this 2021


“Our quality of life depends on the choices that we make every day.” -Anonymous- Investing in Stock Market and REITs are too overwhelming. With so much information to learn about Stock Market and REITS, sometimes we felt discouraged to push through on our investing journey. Now that REITs are still young, many finance professionals will […]


    The rally of the index proved to be nothing more than just a technical rebound after the benchmark found a bottom at 6,719. Then, it hit the ceiling towards 6,940.00 as you can see attached photo. This Friday, the benchmark is still hitting but failing to breach said resistance, down 83.40 points to […]

Pwede ba ko mag-invest sa Bitcoin at Kumita

#KABAYANASK Bitcoin a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator. Walang intermediaries, walang police, unlike sa Stock Market and Bonds. Walang regulator sa atin kasi may Security Exchange Commission, may Investor protection. Yes, Bitcoin has also been used as an investment, kasabay nito several regulatory agencies also have issued investor alerts about […]


#Kabayan Ask 409 After losing pwede pa ba ko mag-invest ulit in Stock Market 10 LESSONS FOR STOCK MARKET BEGINNER Applicable in any kind of investment Lesson #1 INVEST ONLY AN AMOUNT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSEIto ang pinaka – common saying in investing but a lot of us tend to forget because of failure […]

5 Most Common Investment Mistakes Made by OFWs

Most Common Investment Mistakes made by OFWs A lot of people ask me how I became a good player in the investment industry, and I gave them all the same answer: I became a newbie. Confusing? Sure, but that’s exactly what helped me make wise investment decisions. Being a beginner in this kind of business […]

How to Become a Registered Financial Planner

    How to Become a Registered Financial Planner  Different types of financial professionals earn this credential including Stock Market Professional, registered investment advisors, insurance agents, estate planners, bankers, and tax professionals. Many in the financial industry can benefit from carrying the RFP mark on their business card. Earning this prestigious certification indicates additional knowledge […]

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