School Is Fun

I believe, one of the reasons why many of our fellow kabayan work as an OFW is to provide a better education for their children, which is a good thing since we all know that one of the most precious things we can give our children is education. Education is essential to every single individual, I know a couple of OFWs in Kuwait who were not given a chance to study when they were younger but as soon as they had enough money they decided to continue their studies because they believed that even though they were able to work here in Kuwait, education is still different. They are also aware that living and working here in Kuwait is not a permanent thing. Being educated helps people see our main capabilities, it is then how we earn respect and recognition.

In my opinion, it is a big part of our social life and our personality. It projects a positive effect for us as a person. Studying is an obligation; it is not just a choice but a thing to take into consideration.

Education or school is a big investment that awaits a big reward; it is like a golden ticket towards a great future. And as far as I can see, countries should commit themselves more on building education available for everyone because the expensive cost of education prevents poor families from enrolling their children in school which causes these children to suffer for being illiterate as well as continuing to suffer poverty.

Kabayan, did you know that being educated is not just about going to school and having good grades? The essence of it is how we learn and how we discover new things as well as how we apply these to be a better person ourselves. It is not also about reading great books, but how you take and absorb every single thing you’ve learned.

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” Proverbs 19:21.

We may have planned our future but God’s will, will always prevail. God’s decision won’t lead us to a worst scenario but what he knew was that his blessings and teachings are for us to learn and differentiate the good from evil and what is right from wrong.



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