Blood Donor Program – Inspired by Evaristus P. Reyes


Fellow OFW blood donors patiently wait for their turn.

 Blood Donor Program

A person who is willing to donate blood has the chance to experience how to be a gift giver of the most precious gift of all – continuing life.

Every day, someone is always in need of blood in order to continue living and people who want to be blood donors are always welcome. The actual medical procedures and processes involving blood donation are easier than everyone thinks. Blood collected is used for life continuing treatments for patients who are in emergency situations, in surgery, more often than not.

Who Can Give Blood?

It is expected that anyone who is in good health, aged 17 to 70 years old, not undergoing medical treatment and did not have any surgery the past year, may be a blood donor to a pint of blood even every 56 days. Some patients who are taking medications like aspirin, diet pills, birth control pills and blood pressure pills can also become blood donors.

There are no Health Risks when donating blood 

Since the skin where blood donation is drawn from is always being cleansed with antiseptic and the needles used are sterile, the risk of contracting AIDS or any communicable disease has zero chances.

What a person should do before donating blood

A person should eat a good meal within four hours of donating blood and drink plenty of fluids.

How long does it take to donate blood?
Possible and voluntary blood donors are called upon to register first by presenting a valid ID. He is then required to have a health check up with the physician on duty. A screening procedure, an interview and checking of pulse rate, temperature and blood pressure are expectedly done. The whole procedure may take less than an hour.


What to do after blood donation?
Healthy refreshment is given to donors and are requested to relax and stay for about 10 minutes. Strenuous exercises, heavy lifting and smoking for at least 30 minutes need to be avoided.

I will never forget the date February 25, 2012, my first encounter of a blood donation camp. This was when and where I realize that no matter who we are, no matter what kind of work we do, we can extend ourselves to benefit others by donating our blood. Through the whole process of donating blood, there was no discomfort. It felt good to participate. Blood is the life line of our veins and of our being too.

(Fellow OFW Mr. Evaristus P. Reyes has been a regular blood donor since he has settled here in the State of Kuwait. He is truly a man with a generous heart.)







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