A Practical Christmas

Christmas lights atop tree branches. A familiar sight in the Philippines.
Christmas lights atop tree branches. A familiar sight in the Philippines.

Christmas in the Philippines is both an exciting and an anxious celebration not only for balikbayan Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) but for the common Filipino. Why is this so?

Many of us think that once a balikbayan comes to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines, he / she has lots and lots of money to spend. Many of us see balikbayans as “sign of peso”. Many of us expect them to give more than what they can. We fail to think that they too have a certain budget to spend.

For those employed in the public sector, they have their mid-year bonus and year-end bonus. Plus their 6 digit salaries and fringe benefits like free cooking gas, 1 cavan of rice, groceries every month. They can also easily get loans from the agencies. But the private sector employee has another story to tell.

Most private schools only give 13 month pay and gifts from the administration plus of course, gifts of love from the students and parents. Micro business owners need to pay many year-end taxes and requirements. They also can’t help but think about the renewal of different permits for the coming year. They need to prepare for that.

What point am I driving at? We can start to have a practical Christmas this year. We can educate our loved ones that the value of presence in our thoughts and hearts is far more important that any costly present (gift). We can celebrate Christmas even if we don’t have much money. We can celebrate Christmas by being spiritually devoted to Christ.




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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

8 thoughts on “A Practical Christmas

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    Chef Jay says:

    I agree, christmas doesn’t always have to involve glamour and expensive presents! Sometimes, companionship over Christmas dinner, some ham and cheese, and simple yet thoughtful gifts would be amazing.

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      admin says:

      I have the same thoughts too. Thank you.

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    Mrs. Kolca says:

    Good idea you have! I would love to celebrate Christmas in a practical way, too. I mean, this is why I did a lot of recycling, reusing, and DIY projects with our decors and presents. Way to go! 😀

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    Janice says:

    Christmas is my favorite season but sadly, it has become more commercialized. The true meaning of Christmas gets lost when the happens. We can do what we can though to correct that.

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