Busy and Fit

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Being busy is never a reason not to stay fit. Exercise daily is a must!
Being busy is never a reason not to stay fit. Exercise daily is a must!

Work keeps us busy most of the time that may include deadlines to beat, deals to finalize, time zone differences in travels, irregular and unhealthy meals, and of course, stress pile up. You may think you have no time for exercise to stay fit. But you are wrong!

Following are 8 ways to stay fit and healthy. Either one of these will be helpful to your busy life.

  1. Walking

You can start to walk for 15 minutes then gradually increase as your body adapts to this good old exercise.

  1. Running

Wherever you try to go, running is there. Start with a brisk walk for a few minutes and when your body starts to warm up, jog a bit and run on gradual pace.

  1. Biking

Just like the first two, start at a slow pace until you get the freedom of it and continue to glide like the wind.

  1. Skipping Rope

Remember and practice your childhood games. Do some stretching first to warm up your tone and make some baby skips. Increase the pace for the next few minutes, then daily.

  1. Push ups or Pull ups – No one tears a muscle doing these and can be done in the comforts of your room.
  2. Dancing – there’s a wide variety to choose from the internet, cable TV or even DVD workout series. For a start, choose one that is easier to follow.
  3. Stairs – strengthens the legs and hips, a good way to burn excess fat and of course, good for the heart.
  4. Sandbag – turn your room into a personalized gym. Sports retail stores will surely recommend some good partners of sandbag and a pair of boxing gloves.

We all need some stress and emotional release so our performance at work will not deteriorate. There is no point in being busy (or pretending to be busy) and having plenty of excuse not to stay fit.  Right in your own home or your own room, you can keep yourself busy even for just a few minutes, focusing to be  healthy. Start now!

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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