A Decade at TSOK

As we reminisce the challenges and triumphs that had shaped the past decade of TSOK's service, some m" />

TSOK 10th Anniversary Special: Cheerful Message from Founding Member, Miss Maribel Abrigo

One of the founding members of TSOK, Ms. Maribel Abrigo, sends her warmest congratulations on TSOK's 10-year anniversary.

A Decade at TSOK

As we reminisce the challenges and triumphs that had shaped the past decade of TSOK’s service, some moments stand out as beacons of inspiration. We are here to celebrate one such moment – the 10th anniversary of the Teacher Specialist Organization in Kuwait (TSOK). Ms. Maribel Abrigo, our sergeant at arms and a founding member who witnessed its inception, is honored to share her excitement about experiencing this remarkable journey.

A Journey Begins: Experiencing TSOK’s Founding

Ten years ago, a group of dedicated educators came together to improve education standards in Kuwait. Among them was Miss Maribel Abrigo who played a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in the community. The establishment of this organization marked the beginning of a journey full of potential and promise, as they planted a seed that would grow into a thriving educational ecosystem.

A Decade of Dedication: TSOK’s Impact

Reflecting on the past decade fills every member’s heart with pride and gratitude. This beloved organization helped bring about change within the Filipino teaching community in Kuwait, promote innovation, and set high standards in education. The organization empowered educators to provide quality education to students through professional development programs, collaborative initiatives, and advocacy efforts. Our collective efforts left a positive impact on countless learners and continue to benefit schools.

Miss Maribel’s Cheerful Message to TSOK

I would like to congratulate all of you a happy 10th anniversary of our TSOK organization.

This is Maribel Abrigo, sergeant at arms.

God bless, everyone!

Watch Ms. Maribel’s video here:

On this momentous occasion, let us extend our heartfelt congratulations to TSOK, its dedicated members, and all those who have contributed to its success over the past decade. Their tireless dedication and unwavering commitment have been the driving force behind the organization’s collective achievements. As we celebrate this milestone, let us take a moment to reflect on the journey so far and look ahead with renewed optimism and enthusiasm. Together, we will continue to inspire, empower, and transform the landscape of education in Kuwait and beyond.


Thank you, Miss Maribel Abrigo! May you continue to serve TSOK and bring happiness for many more years to come!



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