A Father’s Pride and Joy

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As Consul General of the Philippine Embassy here in Kuwait, Atty. Raul Dado faces huge responsibility every day in his work. As “captain of the ship”, he takes care of different tasks pertaining to the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) while simultaneously maintaining healthy diplomatic ties with Kuwait and the diplomatic corps.

During the graduation from high school of his daughter Abygail and from grade school of his younger daughter Ashley at the New Kuwait Philippines International School, Con. Gen. Atty. Raul Dado was a typical father beaming with pride for his daughters’ academic achievements.

Congratulations and God bless more to Con. Gen. Atty. Raul Dado, his wife Madame Chelsie Dado and to all of their daughters!

ConGen Raul Dado
Consul General Raul Dado and his family during his younger daughter Ashley’s graduation day.
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