Kuwait Best Salary Careers

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What are the best salary careers in Kuwait?
What are the best salary careers in Kuwait?

Every Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is both proud and humbled in his / her work because he / she exerts the best effort to produce positivism. It is not easy being an OFW so we work hard to earn, to live, to support our families back home and to spend, maybe a little or just enough for ourselves.

Kuwait has 20 best salary careers and even if my work, or even your work is not among the following, we must continue to be honest in all our dealings for us to feel that you and I have the best job ever ūüôā

Let’s start with;

[1]   Residential Property Manager Р6,800 KWD

[2]   Financial Reporting Consultant Р6,660 KWD

[3]   Human Resources Manager Р6,000 KWD

[4]   Public Relations Manager Р5,830 KWD

[5]   Vice President Р5,400 KWD

[6]   Information Technology Director Р5,000 KWD

[7]   Environmental Manager Р5,000 KWD

[8]   Chief Executive Officer Р4,300 KWD

[9]   Executive Director Р4,000 KWD

[10]   Bank Branch Manager Р3,900 KWD

[11]   Planning Director Р3,800 KWD

[12]   Market Development Manager Р3,700 KWD

[13]¬†¬† Director of Catering Services –¬† 3,600 KWD

[14]   Electrical Engineering Manager Р3,500 KWD

[15]   Geologist Р3,500 KWD

[16]   Network Engineering Manager Р3,500 KWD

[17]   Facilities Maintenance Manager Р3,425 KWD

[18]   Physician РCardiology Р3,000 KWD

[19]   Human Resources Consultant Р3,000 KWD

[20]   Architectural Manager Р2,950 KWD

(adapted from salaryexploredotcom)


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