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There are 4 things we can spend more on..
There are 5 things we can spend more on.. (source:baghdadinvest)

We work hard and we earn an honest living. We want to unwind and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Which things must we spend our money smartly on? We have five (5) for you.


For parents, it is truly expensive to send their children to school and provide them with the best quality education. It is not only their obligation to do so, but it is in fact, a gift to their children which no one can claim or misuse. Education ensures a child the right to a better life.

Singles can spend on post graduate education too. Not necessarily the Masters or Doctorate Degrees, but some additional learning like an online course that will help enhance your skills, a new language course, a cooking or baking class if you’re interested in this. Some art courses or photography that will give you a better chance to improve your hobby.


It is healthy and a great time to bond for families once in a while to try some new restaurants when going to malls. Every payday, you may take your family to eat at a different restaurant every time. Most restaurants have affordable meals good for a group of persons. It should not be a costly meal, but the memory of your family dining out together is the best.

It’s a bit lonely for a single man or woman to dine out alone, yes? Why not have a TGIF dine out (especially when it is payday) with your single friends too? You love chocolate, you say? Then indulge in some Belgian chocolate truffles.


True that it expensive to travel. But it is also true that there are two destinations to travel; local and overseas. Start with local travel with your family maybe on a 3 day weekend or better, save up for a summer getaway. When finances are up, you may try overseas.

It’s the same for singles who sometimes too, have more chances to go on overseas vacation, to unwind and relax with good companions. Local vacations usually with family. But whether family or single, travel creates memories to last a lifetime for everybody.


Music classes at school are the best venue for children to learn how to play an instrument. Church and community gatherings allow music lovers to practice and enhance their skill in music, simultaneously doing volunteer work for the parish and community.

Your classic favorite musical is now on DVD or a pop artist recently released her album; even if these cost a bit higher, why not buy a copy and enjoy listening while releasing the stress from work and everything else.


“Feed your mind”. Although almost anything can be searched through the internet, nothing really beats the traditional storage of knowledge – books. Reading does not only add to our stick knowledge but it is actually good for our disposition. It makes our imagination work and our creativity boost. Every page opens us to another world of wonder.

Remember…put your money into” lifetime investment” that will help strengthen family ties and allow yourself to grow as an individual. These may be a bit costly, but the lessons learned and the memories to be created are all worth it.

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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