Respect at the Workplace 2

Most employers are misunderstood by some of their employees. They hold a difficult position.
Most employers are misunderstood by some of their employees. They hold a difficult position.

Most employees look at their employers as difficult to approach, authoritatively boastful, inconsiderate and other negative description. But looking further, employers also need respect from their employees, and they at the top, are down to earth than you may ever think.

Here are some tips for employers on how to earn respect from employees.


  1. Be an authority of your organization’s adherence to values and principles while encouraging fairness and transparency.
  2. Make your employees feel like they “own” their position. You may hear what they have to say most especially if it will benefit work. See the pros and the cons. Listen to those at the bottom. One important tip though, both employee and employer must speak in respectful manner to each other.
  3. Develop the potential you see in your employees. Encourage them to learn more, to achieve more by supporting their capabilities and investing to develop their knowledge. Be careful however, not to create a full blown egoistic employee. This is detrimental not only to the company but to the other employees as well.
  4. Create an atmosphere that promotes camaraderie and team work. Sometimes it is inevitable to have petty differences within the organization but steer the wheel towards foundation and solidarity to win over the outside forces. Internal forces must always be synchronized.
  5. Sacrifice when it is truly necessary. As an employer, you can be the shock absorber of your organization to generate the best results but be mindful too not to become a doormat.

The bottom line is to develop trust within the organization. Good relationships begin with trust, nurtured by diplomacy, grown up attitude and forwarded by honesty. Even when the organization has all of these, some issues will still arise because that is a sign of growth. The employer and the employee must learn to withstand just about anything because they can talk things through without being disrespectful to each other. Neither of them must use sharp-edged words.

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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