Wishing you a Holy Ramadan 2015

Ramadan is a time for meditation, to pause and reflect on our actions, our lives, how we treat other people.
Ramadan is a time for meditation, to pause and reflect on our actions, our lives, how we treat other people.

Ramadan is the Holy Month for all Muslims around the world and during my first Ramadan here in Kuwait, it was not an easy adjustment for me – as I love food, juices and coffee. But over the years, I learned to observe and practice the things an expat has to do during Ramadan.

Iftar is the evening meal partaken by Muslims when they end their day fast. Many restaurants in and out of the city of Kuwait offer delicious and healthy Iftar buffets for Muslims and expats alike. In case someone invites you to join them for Iftar at their home or at a restaurant, you may accept their invitation and come with at least, a box of Arabic sweets.

Try to be involved in charity. If you have used clothes or things, you can share them with other expats whom you know are in a difficult situation and will truly appreciate your thought and gesture. Many Kuwaiti nationals during Ramadan, “make over” their home and closets – which means that their home furnishings, appliances, linens, curtains, clothes and many others are donated to charity. Some are literally left in some areas and expats can get them for free.

With work hours changed and reduced, you can have more free time on your hands. Now is the time for you to try to learn something new – maybe a cooking or baking class, photography, painting, make up tutorial, garments – online or hands on.

For married expat housewives, you can suggest to your husband to host a dinner for your friends at least once a week. During Iftar dinner in your own home, you can exchange stories with your friends and their children can play with yours.

Try to serve something healthy and nutritious for your family this Ramadan. Grilled fish, chicken, fresh fruit salad, fresh green salad and real fruits juices are good for your family.

Since it is summer here in Kuwait, you can spend after dinner walking with your family to catch the night summer breeze. Children will love the simple family bonding.

For the bookworm in you, satisfy your mind and feed it with pleasing, interesting and touching reads, books that will delight your heart, make your mind and soul feel light.

Whatever your Faith is, Ramadan is a time for peace, forgiveness, showing more humanely characteristics and enjoying some relaxing slow pace.

Ramadan Kareem to all.



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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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