Beyond your tears

Every tear drop that you shed is noted meaningfully.
Every tear drop that you shed is noted meaningfully.(emotionalprocess)


Have you ever felt unimportant in your life? It’s like nothing good is happening and that everything else is falling apart. Have you ever thought that God must have forgotten about you?

When we are in dilemma, deep hurt, almost wallowing in self pity, we should try to think that everyone in this world has his / her own problem and issue to solve. We are not the only person experiencing failure, pain or hurt.

But the good thing is that despite the fact that sometimes we think that God has forgotten all about us – He actually records all the pain we are going through. He cares for us very much that He wants us to learn more. He wants us to appreciate that difficulties are part of the road we all travel to make things better.

When we pray, God hears us. However, He grants our prayers in His Divine time – the best time. As He sees our struggle and hard work, He prepares our reward. We just need to be patient and wait in all humility.

Next time you cry, do not think that God has forgotten about you because He is a merciful and compassionate God, that He will give us what we need and not what we want. His way is always the best one.

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

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