It will be a New Beginning

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Two women to whom I will forever be grateful as I travel Road 30...with someone.
Two women to whom I will forever be grateful as I travel Road 30…no longer alone.


Kuwait has many roads and highways to get to your destination. My years of stay in this rich coastal state has made me familiar to many of these roads and highways. My years here could be summed up to mostly work and good friends.

A few months ago, I was introduced to Road 30. Why Road 30? I am over 30, yes, you read it right…over 30, proud and very happy about it. It was unexpected, not the usual type of introduction and getting to be familiar with this and that. But it was always with sense and a prelude to be able to see beyond the captivating moments.

Like an anchor to a boat, yielding to the current or wind but never allowing to be adrift again. With all the parallels and intersections in front of me, I am now with steady company to travel all of these. And the advices I have received from two women who live thousands of miles and with international date line apart, I will forever be grateful to my Nanay and my Mommy Sally.

A new blessing, new beginning to travel Road 30. Thank you to our Almighty Father for everything.





Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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