This is for all types of Fathers

Let me see, how many types of fathers can I mention here? In random order I can say, someone who is married to your mother, provides to the best that he can, is both strict when needed and funny during a laid back kind of day. Someone whom his daughter is closer to than her Mom. Someone whom his son can’t wait to beat him in a game of basketball or computer games.

Happy Father's Day :)
Happy Father’s Day 🙂 (photo credit to owner)

  A father may also be someone who firmly says NO and won’t listen to any of your explanation even if he knows deep inside that he has something to learn from you. Someone who has sadly mastered the act of giving pain, verbal abuse as his form of discipline.  Or he could be someone who is a man of few words but when he says something, you better listen because more often than not, he has the right point. A father may also be someone who is willing to accept and nurture another man’s child because he loves the mother. A father may be someone who is not ashamed to be called house husband because he knows that he is more needed, more productive in the domestic life, while his wife is away as an OFW. There are also single fathers, for some reason though. And not to forget all the strong women who live as both a Mother and a Father to their children. The list could go on and on about the types of fathers. But one thing is for certain, today is your very special day. You are the strength of the home and we thank you for that. Happy Father’s Day to all men who have chosen to be the best father they can be to the most of their love, willingness and commitment.

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    josh says:

    We have to greet “Happy Father’s Day’ too to those single moms… somehow, I believe, they deserved that acknowledgement too…

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