Positively onwards to the unfamiliar road

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My once unfamiliar road is now mine to take.
My once unfamiliar road is now mine to take.


It was not a split minute decision to become a former OFW. I would like to say that it is with Divine guidance and strength that I decided to stay, temporarily back home here in the Philippines. I have no regrets because I have a lot of inspiring memories from Kuwait.

Of course, Road 30 continues and with much more love and understanding. The time I spend with my family now is priceless and we get to know more deeply about each other. The years apart from each other and the recent demise of our beloved Nanay, enhanced and forged our bond stronger.

I have always been a simple person, although quite busy as an OFW blogger before. I can now appreciate even the simplest of things – like the sunrise on a lazy weekend, the rain that makes the countryside greener but makes city life jam in traffic, the local food joints are still clean and the food well – prepared.

It’s nice to be near friends from way, way back because we are now under the same sky and time. I have a new job and I still blog. I am grateful to realize that I need not fear this unfamiliar road because I love to think positively and I can still share what I know with other people. Thank you for taking this journey with me.


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