Sending my love and appreciation

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Happy Birthday, sissy Lhen.
Happy Birthday, sissy Lhen. (photo credit to owner)


Today, I pray to God that every path you take becomes free of obstacles,

every step you take becomes elevated toward success,

every breath you take bring you closer to the peace of heavens.

With these wishes, may you usher in a special new year in your life.

Happy Birthday, sissy Lhen.

(source: wish a friend)

Even when we first started communicating through messages, you were always caring, friendly and extra sweet. The warmth of your welcome from across the miles was a manifestation of how good natured you are and of course, your family. How blessed I felt during that time.

Now that the distance between us has narrowed down to seeing the same sunshine at the same time and watching the stars on the same night here, I feel more blessed to be part of your life.

Thank you for everything, sissy Lhen. May God bless you and your loved ones, always.

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