“Sa hinaba - haba man n" />




“Sa hinaba – haba man ng prusisyon sa simbahan o sa civil din ang tuloy.”


Options will now be weighed and decisions will be made.

Among is kung sa church ba o sa civil? Many ladies would dream of having a wedding sa simbahan. Sabi nga ng maraming mga pinoy, minsan ka lang ikakasal. Kaya dapat paglaanan na ng pera, time at effort ang wedding.

For most brides a church wedding is a long-time dream. 

Being a Christian dominated country, kultura na ang magpakasal sa simbahan. But some Filipinos are not anymore confide with this idea. Reality wise a church wedding is not always possible.

Here are some reasons why some people chose civil over church weddings.

  1. Religious beliefs

    Ano bang religion meron kayo? Pareho ba o hindi? If yes madali mag-decide. Pero what if magkaiba kayo? Paano na? Well, mukhang mahirap pero everything becomes easy sa mga taong willing intindihin ang isa’t – isa.

    There are some people who have a different religion from their partner, but this did not become a hindrance. 

    Nevertheless, they were wed. For those na maraming budget o talagang pinaghandaan ang wedding, they held the ceremony in both of their churches. Some are more practical and tend to be wiser. 

    In fact, during this time lumalabas ang pagiging gentleman at generosity ng groom sa bride. Some people opted to hold the wedding ceremony in the bride’s church.

    Actually, he has made a significant choice here. Nandiyan yung pag – set aside n’ya sa opinions ng parents and other important relatives. It implies that you are on top of his priorities. Would that make you feel extra special?

    Another story I know is about a bride who is a Christian. Back then, her partner was a Catholic.  Marriage seemed pretty impossible for these two. Right? We are aware of how devoted Christians are to their religion. At least they won’t force you to convert straight away. That’s why many admired this couple even more. Lahat is in God’s perfect timing. They tied the knot in a civil ceremony.

    They recently got married and are about a year into being husband and wife. She now goes to church with the guy. He’s learning about her faith. while at the same time deepening his love for both her and God. So their church wedding comes next.

    Final thought on this: When it comes to marriage, religion is not a wall. Instead, it’s a bridge in which two opposite people can meet in the middle. From here they shall start to create new paths. Where they’ll travel together. Love roots from respect. If each of the couple respects their individuality, in terms of faith and other aspects then religion will and cannot be a barrier.

  2. Your sources of fund – the budget

    Aminin man natin o hindi money matters a lot. Despite sharing the same religion, not all couples choose to be frugal with their money. Kaya there are those, who opted for a much simpler wedding – as civil. It is considered less hassle regarding the expenses and preparations needed. Sometimes, a grand celebration is not really advisable.  Like to the point of losing your savings or even applying for loans. You have to be realistic. You have to think not only about the big day but also beyond it.


    Luckily for some, it was an easy decision. They dreamt of a church wedding. They made such a  wedding possible.  But they did it a practical way. While, there are those who have high paying jobs but got married in civil.  For the reason that they want to invest in a new home and for their  insurance.


    Remember: ” It’s not really where the marriage took place. What counts the most is the lifetime commitment for each other. “


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