Schedule Seminars Part 1

“Canonical Interview" />

Schedule Seminars Part 1

Canonical Interview


Schedule Seminars Part 1

“Canonical Interview”


This interview is done to validate the couple’s desire to marry, their idea of marriage and how they will face certain circumstances involving their partner. Also, to determine possible hindrances in the coming wedding. It is also termed as Pre–Nuptial interview. This is an initial inquiry by a priest not necessarily by your officiant. In the vernacular this is termed as “Dulog”.

It should actually occur two months before your wedding date. You will first be asked to complete a questionnaire. Some of the questions are hypothetical. These premarital questionnaires will assist the priest in determining your readiness and freedom to marry.

Below are some of the questions you’ll be asked to answer:

  1. About Confirmation, are you confirmed? When and where?
  2. Were you married before?
  3. How many children do you want to have?
  4. Are you marrying out of your free will?
  5. Have you had a major argument? How often?
  6. What is it all about?
  7. If ever you knew that your partner is a lesbian, a gay or have another preference, would you still marry him/her? Why or why not?

During the interview, the priest will discuss the wedding preparation process. This is also an excellent time to ask questions. The couple will be asked to share some personal information about their relationship. The priest can determine the couple’s strengths and weaknesses based on their responses. He will also resolve any issues that may arise in the future. The Canonical Interview also includes a discussion of the responsibilities and duties of husband and wife.

The length of the interview varies. If the priest sees that there are no impediments with the marriage, the interview will take a short time. Then, the wedding banns can be finalized by the parish.


The form for this will be handed to you on the day of your Canonical Interview. 

What are wedding/ marriage banns?
It is a public announcement regarding a proposed marriage. Another goal of this is to identify if there are possible impediments. These are supposed to be posted in the parishes where each of the couples belong.



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