“Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after you begin to earn more.”

Online Kwentuhan: The Basics of Saving and Budgeting


“Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after you begin to earn more.”

-Jack Benny-


Online Kwentuhan: The Basics of Saving and Budgeting

webinar will tackle the basic and effective ways to save and budget

You may re-watch the full webinar at https://bit.ly/3286XFB

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Heads up, mga Kababayan in Kuwait! Overseas Filipino Bank and Philippine Embassy in Kuwait recently held a financial literacy webinar entitled, “Online Kwentuhan: The Basics of Saving and Budgeting” 

Do you want to reduce the constant borrowing of money? Or do you want to save up big enough to go back to the Philippines? If yes, this financial literacy webinar is for you. This webinar will tackle the basic and effective ways to save and budget.


PhilHealth Member Portal

Good news, mga Kababayan in Kuwait! PhilHealth Member Portal is now available and accessible wherever you are!

Through PhilHealth Member Portal, you can:

  1. Access your Membership Record
  2. Check your Premium Contribution Record
  3. Print Member Data Record, and
  4. Pay Premium Contribution (for self-paying members)


How does it work?

To enroll for PhilHealth Member Portal

  1. Visit www.philhealth.gov.ph
  2. Click Online Services
  3. Click Member Portal
  4. Fill-out Member Portal Account Creation Page
  5. Activate your account through the link sent to your e-mail address
  6. Once activated, log-in to PhilHealth Member Portal


PhilHealth Only Pays “Good” Claims

PhilHealth has ensured all accredited health care providers that it is committed to paying claims that are error-free and in accordance with all program policies and requirements.

The state health insurer reaffirmed this despite questions raised by the Private Hospital Association of the Philippines Inc. (PHAPI) over the alleged non-payment of claims totaling P6 billion to their member hospitals. The Agency explained that the concern was not viewed in the right light since the hospital association only focused on the unpaid part while downplaying the fact that the P25 billion was paid in 2020.

According to data, PhilHealth issued a total of three million claims from PHAPI member hospitals from January to December 2020, 87% of which were paid for a total of over P25 billion, while the remaining 5% for a total of over P1 billion are in various stages of processing.

However, attributed to discrepancies and/or violations of current policies and guidelines, approximately 8% of total claims submitted, worth about P2.4 billion, were either denied payment or returned to hospitals (RTH). Unavailability/incompleteness/inconsistency/unreadability of necessary documentation, as well as other documents being required and inconsistencies in entries, are both common causes of RTH. Claims are typically rejected due to non-compliance with the standard of care (system), filing after the 60-day mandated deadline, late refiling, and non-compensable cases, among other reasons.

“No less than the Filipino people expect us to be prudent in our dealings especially where their funds are involved, this is why we take great pains seeing to it that each and every claim that we pay are consistent with applicable laws and Program regulations,” asserted by Atty. Dante A. Gierran, PhilHealth President and CEO.

Atty. Gierran also acknowledged the tough condition many facilities are in during the COVID-19 Pandemic, adding, “We are committed to paying good claims, but we are obligated by law to efficiently operate on deficient funds,” citing the most recent performance record of 39 days on average and 60 days as required by law.



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