As the year 2021 started up until June the Social security system has disbursed 52.5% more than las" />

Education Loans increases by 39.75 million by the first half of the year

As the year 2021 started up until June the Social security system has disbursed 52.5% more than last year for the educational loans. The increase amounts to 39.75 million pesos, there were over 6500 applications for tuition financing assistance and as it stands more and more people are inclining to apply for more assistance and loans for SSS. The pandemic is one of the reasons why it grew, for the pandemic has not only hurt the savings of many families but also for some their income. There are a lot of families that don’t want to sacrifice the education of their children. For the Filipinos that highly value education more than anything the SSS offers the Educational loans that they offer for those families that are in a tight spot but wants their children to still study and not give up on their dreams. 

The Education Assistance Loan Program can be availed by eligible borrowers and they are those who are below 60 years old whose monthly basic income is 25,000 or below and with at least 36 posted contributions, six are posted within the last 12 months prior to filing their Education Assistance Loan Program. 

The SSS agrees with what the national hero once said “kabataan ang pagasa ng bayan ”. That is why there exists the Education Assistance Loan Program, to help the Filipinos who share the same ideology of our national Hero Jose Rizal. That is why for those who share the same ideology. We must take a hold of this opportunity for the SSS will help us to achieve it.


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