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NEWBIE IN STOCK MARKET, what to do? Afraid of trying to invest your hard earned money over the stock market? We are so many especially in this season, especially this AuGHOST month and in this very very Bearish market. Even me… I always consider myself every day new in this market as in every day,…

Good influence never runs out of style

It is but natural for people to look up to somebody in their quest to make things better for themselves. We try to find someone who will serve as a good influence to us, some kind of role model. But did you know that you can be someone’s good influence too?   Being a good…

My Commitment

So here is MY COMMITMENT Every one of us OFW, have a big dreams for ourselves and our family, but we forget (most of the time) to dedicate a significant  portion of our time (of our life) learning how our money will grow, thinking for long term (actually this is how the richest man in…

Leadership, grace and beauty

I want to start this birthday blog for someone, with this inspiring quote “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”. – US poet WW Ross (1819-1881)

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