The Best of Me; A Review

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At least once in our life, pure love comes along. It may be sooner or later.
At least once in our life, pure love comes along. It may be sooner or later.

Hello February…the Love Month! I hope to start with a review of The Best of Me (film 2014). It mainly stars James Marsden as Dawson Cole and Michelle Monaghan as Amanda Collier. Both have different family backgrounds with Dawson (Marsden) experiencing physical and verbal abuse from his father and brothers. He was an introvert with a good heart. Amanda (Monaghan) on the other hand belongs to the popular high school group. It is implied that she comes from a loving and educated Southern family.

“Opposite poles attract” as the saying goes so whatever the obstacles were, Dawson and Amanda still found each other and were able to spend enough time to show their young love for each other. His father’s abuse caused Dawson to accidentally kill his cousin, was sent to prison and cut all ties with Amanda. She went off to college and never heard of Dawson since then.

Dawson is what I could call a self-made man; a skilled worker with a sad past continuously searching for his soul mate even just in his thoughts and emotions. Amanda is one of the young ladies who plan their life like in a fairy tale only realize that life is what we make it. She makes the most out of the pain of losing her daughter to leukemia, living within her unhappy marriage and finds joy in being a mother to her son.

I think it is second nature for a married woman to still stay with her husband, despite hardships, all for the sake of her children. I see an enduring mother in the character of Amanda.

After 21 years, the death of a person commonly special to both Dawson and Amanda brings them back together in their small town. The following events give answers to long years of questions between them and their bond progresses. But Amanda returns to her family while Dawson meets his tragic death.

Receiving Dawson’s heart, Amanda’s son continues to live after his accident. Amanda must have been overjoyed upon realizing that her true love still lives through her son.

Although destiny is sometimes questionable for me because I have always believed that life is what you make it.  But definitely, I believe in the strange but loving ways of our Almighty Father. And when He wills it to happen, everything is for the best.

The Best of Me (film 2014) will definitely be a perennial film.

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  1. Floree Fullo says:

    No wonder Nicholas Sparks is called “modern master of romance”. Promised myself to finish reading the books first before watching the movie and I am all prepared for tissues.

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