Tatay Jobo Elizes, book publisher

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Tatay Jobo Elizes with his wife.
Tatay Jobo with his wife.

Let me introduce to you the publisher of my first book, The Global Filipino Bloggers Slambook – OFW Edition. I fondly call him Tatay.

Tatay Jobo Elizes is Filipino who emigrated to the United States during the 1990s. He started publishing books as a hobby but later made a career out of it. To date, he has more than 50 books and Timeless Writings – 19 is one of which.

Timeless Writings - 19
Timeless Writings – 19

His books are available in Paper Back and Kindle edition on amazon. To see his book list tinyurl.com/mj76ccq or visit amazon (.) com and type Tatay Jobo Elizes books.

(photo from Tatay Jobo and his social media page)


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