Kuwait has 40 New Filipino Nurses

Nurses care without a prescription. (photo credit to owner)
Nurses care without a prescription. (photo credit to owner)

After the recently held Special Professional Licensure Board Examination  (SPLBE) 2015, Kuwait has 40 new Filipino nurses. List is as follows;

  1. Alcazar, Karen Grace M.
  2. Antonio, Nagia M.
  3. Bernaldo, Evelyn Z.
  4. Bernido, Mary Angelie A.
  5. Bicera, Bernie Jr. M.
  6. Buenafe, Sylvia C.
  7. Bustamante, Mayend B.
  8. Catapia, Christine Joy A.
  9. Chio, Devorah Marie R.
  10. Cunada, Karen Ann Y.
  11. Dambong, Modzna B.
  12. Deasis, RD G.
  13. Denaga, Rudinie Jr. J.
  14. Deodato, Eddie U.
  15. Dosdos, Rolandito M.
  16. Evan, Mark Allen M.
  17. Kasaral, Faiza S.
  18. Lobarbio, Felipe M.
  19. Maluenda, Virmae B.
  20. Marasigan. Aicelle L.
  21. Mique, Jovelyn B.
  22. Montebon, Frederick M.
  23. Mungcal, Mark Anthony O.
  24. Narbarte, Madel D.
  25. Palacol, Roselyn A.
  26. Pobre, Kennedy Jess G.
  27. Ramirez, Jefferson D.
  28. Roda, Nikka Mae O.
  29. Rodriguez, Jayson D.
  30. Salvador, Sharon A.
  31. Sarmiento, Molly L.
  32. Taladtad, Maricel J.
  33. Tating, Agramin D.
  34. Vallecer, Karen Anne J.
  35. Velasquez, Lovely M.
  36. Yu, Marithony II B.
  37. Zeque., Romy Jr. Z.
  38. Zeque, Mylene Cris Z.
  39. Lerin, Catherine Ann P.
  40. Sumintac, Amielyn M.

(From: Sir Hengie Vargas Taton’s FB)  

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