Red letter day for DNG

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Maniniyot Kuwait photographers' red theme entries.
Maniniyot Kuwait photographers’ red theme entries.


I see red…there’s fire everywhere…but on a positive note. Maniniyot Kuwait (MK) recently held its theme red photography contest. Out of more than a hundred entries, these are my 10 top choices.

I have been invited to judge different contests –  beauty pageants, talent showcases, photography contests and some other areas. I never found it easy because I’ve got to have a keen perception of the beauty from within, the amazing talent kept hidden and the message a photograph conveys to the world.

While it is true that in many contests, some of the candidates, aspirants, contestants, whatever you wish to label them – are people who have in one way or the other been attached to me. But I can never and will never be biased.

All beautiful people...in red.
All beautiful people…in red.

I may have prepared well for any judge task but I am a 100 percent sure that all the contestants have prepared more and have exerted their best to come and to show what they’ve got. I must never put that into waste.

Thank you to Maniniyot Kuwait (MK) for the opportunity to join the group in this meaningful event.



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