Good influence never runs out of style

It is but natural for people to look up to somebody in their quest to make things better for themselves. We try to find someone who will serve as a good influence to us, some kind of role model. But did you know that you can be someone’s good influence too?

"Do not underestimate your influence" - Kerygma 2016 Conference classes
“Do not underestimate your influence” – Kerygma 2016 Conference classes


Being a good influence doesn’t mean that you cannot and will not make mistakes, ever. Just like anybody else, you are allowed to make mistakes and no one must judge you for that. How you correct the mistake is what defines you as a person. Admitting one’s shortcomings is not a sign of weakness but rather, it shows how responsible you are.

Humility is quite rare these days amidst all the technology and material things that occupy the life of many people. To be a good influence also means that you are willing to share what you know with other people. You are willing to teach other people through your knowledge, experiences, determination and in the process, you “sharpen” their skill.

Be willing to share and to teach others.
Be willing to share and to teach others.


Anybody can be a good influence to someone. Start today.




Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor