2023 Life’s Uncomfortable Truths

Life's Uncomfortable Truths

Life Success is nothing more than a collection of past failures arranged in the form of a ladder. The purpose of this ladder is not only to put your faith, dedication, passion, tenacity, and resiliency to the test, but also to ensure that your success is genuine. Do not feel compelled to celebrate just because other people are happy for you. You should be overjoyed since you have now glimpsed your future. There are individuals who outwardly celebrate your success but, on the inside, they are fervently hoping for your failure. It doesn’t matter how many self-help books, motivating films, or inspiring seminars a person attends, they won’t change unless they’re prepared to give up all their negative behaviors.



Most individuals do not seem to be content with their lives. They are acting as if they are content when they are only living out the fantasies of other people.  Nothing in this world is everlasting. The minute you come face to face with the harsh, unforgiving, and uncompromising parts of life, even the blazing passion that once fueled a happy love affair that began as a blazing story starts to wane.


Money is a type of evil

Everyone is looking out for themselves, to the point that no one can see their heart. On the other hand, even if they have the slightest suspicion that someone is peering into their minds, they can swiftly put on the appearance that they are not self-centered. For some weird reason, many are reluctant to discuss their financial situations. The underlying reason is that they subconsciously feel that money is a type of evil, and as a result, they are afraid that someone would ‘get them wrong’ because of this belief. The fact of the matter is that everyone craves financial security more than anything else.

There are a startlingly small number of individuals in the world who love you in an authentic way. Your mother is the most important person in your life since she went through the physical and emotional strain of giving birth to you. The second person on the list is your father, who planted the seed and hopes that the generation will continue. Your siblings come in a distant third place since they have the misconception that blood is thicker than water.

In the book of life, there is no “How To” section. There are likely to be some of your buddies working in medical fields. Some engineers. Some of the educators. There will be academics who wind up in prison, as well as professors who do not. You cannot walk in the footsteps of another person because you are not them and they are not you. Hence, you cannot follow in their footsteps. You are responsible for determining what options are ideal for your individual situation. Never, ever, ever compare yourself to anybody else. When you compare yourself to other people, it’s like comparing mangoes to oranges. It’s simply not fair that some individuals are going to be more successful than you are. There will inevitably be those individuals who do not achieve their goals. If there is an entire list of individuals who are better than you, then there is very likely also a huge list of people who are worse than you.


Success in Life

The students with the highest grades in school are not always the ones who will go on to have the greatest success in real life. They will almost certainly go on to become the most successful workers of the most successful individuals. You don’t need to experiment with hard drugs, drinking, or smoking in order to have a sense of how these things taste. It is best to just leave certain items in their current location. Some actions have the same potential repercussions as placing one’s head in the path of a fast-approaching vehicle while praying that nothing bad would happen.  The people who are the most dangerous to you will pass themselves off as your closest friends. They will wait for the greatest opportunity to attack you, which will be when you are least expecting it. Have you ever pondered the identity of those who propagate rumors about you? It’s your closest buddy who believes you should just give up and die so that they may take the highly sought-after job.

Refrain from looking for many close pals. Seek out a few pals who will call you out when you’re wrong and give you advice when they see that you’re headed towards trouble. A formal schooling is merely the beginning of one’s educational journey. Education for life comes next in the process. The third stage is when you believe you know everything, but the truth is that you know nothing at all.


Taking Care of your Self

Quit asking your parents for money or for assistance with your finances and start making a life for yourself instead. Your mother and father are going to die away at some point. If you have genuine concern for them, you should prioritize taking care of yourself while they are still living. In fact, you should ask them whether they need any kind of financial assistance. It will give them the impression that you care deeply about them and value them very much. No one will care about your goal in real life, and no one will experience life the same way you do. Since there is no one else on the planet who has your unique appearance, it is important to keep in mind that you will only have yourself to blame if you are unsuccessful. You are the one who decides the course of your life.





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