DNG Magazine 1st Edition: OFW Success Stories

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DNG Magazine1st Edition: OFW Success Stories

I am delighted to announce the launch of DNG kabayan magazine.DNG objectives have not changed.

Almost a decade ago, when DNG embarked on this Kabayan magazine passion project, I had a significant objective in mind: We wanted to break with convention because we view the magazine experience differently…

I wanted to construct something for those with discerning experience as an OFW looking at a kabayan side with depth and significance.

The vision is to create a special magazine for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and those who appreciate life as an ex-pat and have the desire to live a beautiful life beyond the ordinary – a magazine that is inspirational, uplifting, filled with lessons to be learned, imagery, and provides an immersive motivation.

Additionally, DNG has a firm editorial mandate and independent direction.

It desired to depart from the traditional function of a magazine in order to provide our esteemed readers with more options.

The purpose of a magazine is to provide informative and OFW life lessons content on a specific topic; however, unforgettable experiences are also added.


Diary ni Gracia DNG  Magazine 1st edition. This publication is devoted to all Filipinos living in Kuwait and other parts of the world. It demonstrates that any Filipino can excel anywhere in the world as long as they have the support of their community, and it promotes unity through their goal of bringing home pride to the country.

The magazine also demonstrates how a Filipino community may act as a safe haven for Filipinos currently residing in countries other than the Pearl of the Orient.

This magazine has made it its aim to chronicle stories of Filipinos’ friendships as well as some important events that not only support their concerns but also encourage mental health and showcase their source of income. This magazine’s mission statement is as follows:


The purpose of DNG magazine is to serve as a reminder that wherever you travel in the world, there will always be a Filipino community ready to greet you. This is something that the editors of this magazine want to accomplish.

And as a Filipina who lives outside the Philippines, may this magazine encourage you to keep going and not to be afraid to take chances so that you may expose your ability and beauty to the rest of the world, for the rest of the world is anxious to see it.

The publication has an important message that it would like to convey to its readers, who are Filipino overseas Filipino workers who live in Kuwait and their families back home.

To celebrate and take pride in the accomplishments of our countrymen, or “kababayans,” particularly in how they have managed to mature and move on from the challenges they have faced to become the finest versions of themselves.

To recognize and give thanks to the persons and organizations who helped them feel at home even though they were away from it. And remember that the kids and young people who are struggling are the ones who will shape the world of the future, so be kind to them.


DNG Welcome Your Input

Please message DNG to own a downloadable magazine for FREE and  I hope you enjoy reading our brand-new online magazine! We hope that you learned something new and discovered something fascinating about life being OFW and that the experience has helped to brighten your day. Please share your thoughts. If you discover any bugs or issues, please let us know by contacting DNG FB messenger






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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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