Abdurahman S. Abing: A TSOK President’s Journey to Success


Abdurahman, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate from Medina College in Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines, has always valued education and pursued it with great zeal. He is a Registered Nurse in the Philippines with a Master of Science in Nursing from St. Jude College, Manila, and a Certified Professional Teacher from AMA University in Quezon City, Philippines, continually enhancing his skills. Currently, Abdurahman works as a Clinical Nursing Informatics Specialist at Kuwait Hospital and is simultaneously studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at CAP College Foundation Incorporated.

Abdurahman’s enthusiasm for teaching is evident in his voluntary work as a Lecturer at the Philippine Nursing Association in Kuwait (PNAK) for four consecutive years. He has also served as the President of the Teacher Specialist Organization in Kuwait (TSOK) and a Treasurer of the Philippine Professional Organization in Kuwait (PPO). Despite his busy schedule, he remains committed to sharing his knowledge and skills with fellow nurses.

Abdurahman’s dedication to education has proven beneficial in his life. Passing the Special Professional Licensure Exam (SPLE) has been a significant accomplishment. Despite his demanding work schedule, it has driven him to improve his skills and knowledge continuously. Furthermore, he has obtained licenses in Nursing and teaching and is pursuing a Psychometrics license, which has given him a sense of purpose and direction in life. His family has been positively influenced by his achievements, and he attributes his parents to instilling the value of education and its role in personal growth and self-improvement.

Abdurahman’s story inspires, and his passion for learning and teaching is commendable. He has demonstrated how education can open doors to limitless possibilities, and his journey is a testament to the power of continuous learning.

Abdurahman’s story is a reminder of the importance of education and the power of continuous learning. It proves that anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and dedication. Abdurahman’s passion for teaching has not only improved his life but has also positively impacted others. His voluntary work as a lecturer and involvement in various organizations demonstrate his commitment to sharing knowledge and skills with those around him.

Abdurahman’s accomplishments have not come without challenges, but he has persevered, continuously improving his skills and knowledge. His family has been a significant source of support, and he recognizes his parents’ role in instilling the value of education in him.

Abdurahman’s journey exemplifies how education can transform lives and open doors to limitless possibilities. It reminds us all that learning is a lifelong journey, and the pursuit of knowledge should never cease.


Abdurahman as SPLE Passer

A member of the Tsok Teachers/Specialist Organization in Kuwait named Abdurahman S. Abing recently gave a talk in which he discussed his experiences as a person who has passed the Special Professional Licensure Examination (SPLE). Friends were the ones who first informed him about the SPLE, and he decided to apply as soon as he graduated. During the test, he was presented with problem-solving problems, and around 45% of the information that had been examined appeared for him to be evaluated. He had anticipated that the exam would be as tricky as other tests. Preparing for the competition took him around one hundred Kuwaiti Dinars and four months. He attributed much of his success to the extensive study materials and practice questions he obtained from a review center. Even though he did not have a predetermined timetable for each day, he could effectively manage his time by devoting his efforts to studying after work on the days his schedule permitted it while ensuring he got enough rest. The optimistic outlook he adopted and the laser-like concentration he maintained on his objective enabled him to juggle the demands of his profession, his family successfully, and his study for the test. His job or personal life was not severely impacted in any way by the SPLE. He looked through his notes often to strengthen his memory, scribbled notes in a tiny notebook, and underlined vital phrases. Even though he had to deal with time pressure and stress throughout the preparation, he overcame procrastination by keeping a constant sleep routine and inspiring himself with affirmations. His perseverance was made possible by the support of his family, and despite the anxiety he had throughout the test, he never wavered in his goal to do well on it. Having passed the SPLE gave him further motivation in his working life. His recommendation to those considering taking the SPLE in the future is to concentrate on their objectives, give their best effort, take a break from things that may distract them, such as social media, and, most importantly, pray for guidance.


Why He Took the SPLE

Abdurahman S. Abing, a devoted educator and certified derma nurse, set out to take the Special Professional Licensure Examination (SPLE) in Kuwait with a specific goal in mind: to earn a teaching license. The SPLE is similar to the General Licensure Examination (GLE), which is given in most countries. His aspirations for the future include establishing himself as an effective educator and inspiring young brains to pursue ambitious goals. Taking the SPLE was an important milestone for him since it was a step toward reaching his long-term objective. In other words, it was a stepping stone. He decided to apply for the test a year before he took it. After four months of intense study, he successfully passed the Licensure Examination in Teaching, allowing him to become an officially recognized teacher.


Studying for the SPLE while working full-time as a derma nurse was challenging. Because he needed to reduce distractions, he had to give up social media, but the consistent support of his family encouraged him to keep his attention on the task at hand. He meticulously planned out his schedule, allotting specific amounts of time for each topic, and then challenged himself with mock examinations to hone his knowledge and abilities. Despite the difficulties, his dogged persistence paid off as he passed the SPLE.


The test was beneficial for him in a variety of different ways. It not only inspired him to keep learning new things and improve his abilities, but it also made new professional prospects available to him. His accomplishment highlighted the significance of education in his family and instilled in them the necessity of persistence and continuing their education. His voyage included visits to many review centers, each contributing to his triumph. In addition to that, he augmented his preparation by engaging in independent study, which he did by reading books and viewing instructional videos. His practice was greatly aided by using efficient tactics such as going to a study center, which assisted him in memorization and increased his level of comprehension of complex subject matter.


Even though he admits that he was prepared for the test to the extent of around 70 percent, his experience highlights how important it is to study for licensing examinations thoroughly. He believes that if he puts in more work and takes his time, he will be able to obtain even better results. Therefore, he will continue his educational career by taking the test to become a psychometrician. His prior involvement with the SPLE instilled in him the need to devote not only one’s financial resources but also one’s time and effort while preparing for tests of this kind. He is aware that these examinations are quite different from those required for admission to colleges and that they come with their very own set of challenges and expectations. Despite this, the fact that he did well on the SPLE has only strengthened his resolve to do well on subsequent tests and maintain his forward momentum in his academic and career path.



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