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8 Powerful Ways Handog Aral Empowers Underprivileged Children through Education

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What is Handog Aral? 

Handog Aral, a nonprofit organization founded by Diary ni Gracia, was established during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 with a mission to empower underprivileged children through education. The organization, driven by faith in God and a belief in the transformative power of education, aims to provide resources and support to children, schools, and communities. Handog Aral’s vision is to create a world where every child has access to quality education, regardless of their background, and can realize their full potential.

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How did Handog Aral start and what was the motivation behind its inception?

Handog Aral was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, with a deeply personal mission driven by a singular belief in the transformative power of education. The organization was established by DiaryniGracia.com, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), and was born out of a profound desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many.

The motivation behind its inception was a fundamental principle that every child deserves access to quality education as a basic human right.

Handog Aral recognized education not only as a means to break the cycle of poverty but also as a catalyst for personal growth and community empowerment. The organization was driven by faith and trust in God, and it aimed to provide opportunities for growth and development, ensuring that every child, community, and family has the chance to build a brighter future.

The organization’s core values, encapsulated in the acronym G.I.F.T. (Generosity, Integrity, Faith, and Tenacity), guide its initiatives and programs. Handog Aral’s initiatives include providing school supplies, conducting feeding programs, offering food assistance, implementing health programs, and supporting schools and communities. The organization’s advocacy goals focus on promoting access to essential school supplies, advocating for educational equity, and fostering a community-driven approach to education.

What is the mission of Handog Aral and how does it aim to achieve it?

The mission of Handog Aral is to provide every child with access to quality education and the resources they need to build a brighter future. The organization believes that education is a fundamental right and a powerful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering personal growth. Handog Aral aims to achieve this mission through several initiatives:

  1. Equitable Access to Education: Ensuring that every child, regardless of their socio-economic background, has access to quality education. Handog Aral plans to support at least 10 schools and 1000 children, aiming to reduce educational disparities and empower children to thrive academically and personally.

  2. Gift Giving: Providing essential school kits, including school supplies and bags, to ensure that every child has the necessary tools to succeed academically. These kits are distributed to schools and students in need.

  3. Health Programs: Implementing health programs to ensure the well-being of the children served. Through these efforts, Handog Aral aims to create a stable environment where children can focus on their studies without the burden of health issues.

  4. Feeding Programs: Catering to the nutritional needs of underprivileged children by providing nutritious meals at school, which helps to improve attendance rates and enhance students’ concentration and learning capabilities.

  5. Supporting Schools: Empowering schools to preserve their heritage while accessing quality education and economic opportunities, with a commitment to equity, empowerment, and sustainable development.

  6. Community Impact: Fostering a sense of hope and possibility within communities by promoting education empowerment, creating sustainable change, and building resilient communities.

  7. Collaborative Efforts: Working with supporters to make a lasting impact on the lives of children, especially those with special needs, by providing essential school supplies, feeding programs, health initiatives, and the joy of gift-giving.

  8. Advocacy: Serving as an advocate for children’s education rights, aiming to shape policies and practices that support universal access to quality education.

What is the vision and mission of Handog Aral?

Handog Aral’s Vision 2027 outlines the organization’s commitment to transforming the educational landscape for underprivileged children by ensuring equitable access to quality education, empowering children through learning, reducing educational disparities, fostering inclusivity, collaborating with communities, building capacity, promoting holistic development, and implementing sustainable education programs.

The Handog Aral logo symbolizes hope, education, and the upliftment of family and children, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to providing inclusive education and honoring God’s creation. The organization’s tagline, “Empowering through Education,” reflects its dedication to empowering children and communities through educational support and opportunities.

Handog Aral invites individuals to get involved in various ways, including inviting sponsors, spreading the word, supporting the program, advocating for education, and volunteering time. The organization’s projects and programs have a significant impact on communities, such as supporting Aeta communities in the Philippines and collaborating with Inuman Elementary School in Zamboanga del Norte to address malnutrition and limited resources. Handog Aral also supports special children from India by providing essential school supplies, conducting feeding programs, and implementing health initiatives.

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