PEAK: The Rationale Behind Its Design and Name


The magazine named “PEAK” provides an insight into the aspirations of its creators and the message they aim to deliver to their audience. The magazine cleverly utilizes its acronym to promote its mission of instilling these qualities, not only within its team but also, ideally, among both current and future readers.


What Does PEAK Signify?

Principled Excellence Assertive Knowledgeable, or PEAK, in short, signifying the highest point to be reached over time, serves as a symbol for the stories and narratives of success among Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). It encourages the belief that success can be achieved in one’s homeland and far from it through hard work and determination.

Principled Excellence: This foundational element signifies that success, as celebrated in PEAK Magazine, is inextricably linked to moral actions. It emphasizes achieving greatness while adhering to a solid moral compass. Just as precious metals undergo a refining process to reveal their brilliance, OFWs’ journey is marked by their principled approach to success, unwavering in the face of challenges.

Assertive: The term “Assertive” speaks to the proactive nature of the stories featured in PEAK. It symbolizes the unwavering determination and confidence that underlie the pursuit of excellence. As OFWs boldly navigate life’s hurdles, the magazine’s assertiveness in championing their stories mirrors their steadfast spirit.

Knowledgeable: “Knowledgeable” emphasizes the significance of education, expertise, and the continuous quest for knowledge. It underscores the vital role of learning and adaptability in the journey to success. PEAK Magazine, in line with this philosophy, is dedicated to enlightening readers with narratives of knowledge and resilience.

Color Scheme:

The logo for PEAK Magazine employs a rich and distinctive color scheme, primarily featuring bold and captivating metallic gold (#D4AF37). This warm and radiant shade of gold embodies the essence of success and achievement, aligning perfectly with the magazine’s focus on celebrating the accomplishments of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). The choice of gold represents the resilience and brilliance of the featured individuals, akin to the precious metal that emerges from a series of transformative processes, shining brightly and sharing its radiance with the world.


Font Style:

The logo utilizes the SPORTS WORLD font style, which exudes a sense of dynamism, energy, and boldness. The uppercase characters in this font evoke a strong and confident presence, mirroring the unwavering determination and strength of OFWs in their pursuit of success. The font conveys a sense of action and vitality, aligning with the magazine’s message of empowerment and achievement.


Font Size:

The logo prominently displays the magazine’s title in a striking font size 125. This substantial font size ensures the magazine’s name stands out boldly, making a solid statement and capturing viewers’ attention. It symbolizes the magazine’s commitment to showcasing the remarkable stories and narratives of OFWs, unmistakably emphasizing their achievements and resilience.


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